Independent and trusted reviews and price surveys of Australian supermarkets and supermarket products, including information about sales tricks, and premium brands.


Supermarket sales tricks

We unlock supermarket sales tricks and show you how to avoid spending more than you mean to.

27 Mar 2013 | Supermarkets spend millions researching consumer behaviour and psychology to get you to buy more in their stores - we give you the tips and traps.


Where are supermarket products sourced?

More and more of our groceries are coming from overseas.

6 Sep 2012 | Coles and Woolworths say they're committed to sourcing their private label products from Australia, but this isn't necessarily the whole story.


CHOICE supermarket special

Supermarkets are back in the headlines - for all the wrong reasons.

6 Jul 2012 | The supermarket price war has hit the headlines again today, with more stories of suppliers being squeezed by the big two.


Supermarket wines

We investigate the sale and marketing of private label wines at Coles and Woolworths.

17 May 2012 | There’s no easy way for consumers to know who makes their wine, short of searching online or checking the Australian trademark database.



And the winner is...

1 May 2012 | We shortlisted four Coles and four Woolworths products that we believe mimic their branded equivalents and asked you to vote. The results are in.

bag of groceries

Supermarket price survey 2009

Our national survey reveals the true price we pay at the supermarket

26 Nov 2009 | Two years on from our last survey, CHOICE hit the supermarket aisles with a shopping list of staples. We found grocery prices have risen against a background of little competition.

Girl with cakes

Supermarket cakes full of surprises

Many of them are packed with additives, including artificial colours linked to hyperactivity in children. We tell you which brands to avoid.

23 Mar 2009 | Make a cake at home and you'll probably use about six ingredients. Look at the ingredients list on a supermarket cake and you might find 40 or more.

Shopping trolley full of numbers

Supermarket sales tactics

It's important to understand how supermarkets sell, sell, sell.

5 Jan 2009 | Major supermarkets are just about everywhere, and according to the market research company ACNielson, the primary appeal is "one-stop shopping" — everything you want under one roof.

Tomato soup

Supermarket premium brands

How do supermarket brands rate against their big-name competitors?

24 Sep 2007 | As you stroll the aisles of Aldi, Woolies or Coles, do you wonder whether the growing number of supermarket-owned premium varieties are worth trying, or if they’re inherently inferior to "name" brands?

Brown shopping bag full of groceries

Supermarket price survey

And the cheapest chain is ... Aldi.

3 Jul 2007 | Which is the cheapest supermarket chain? To find out the answer we sent shadow shoppers to purchase a basket of 33 specific items from 111 supermarkets around the country.


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