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Olive oil reviews

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Last updated: 02 December 2021


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We blind test and review 25 supermarket and grocery chain extra virgin olive oils from brands including Bertolli, Cobram Estate, Moro and Squeaky Gate to find out which one is a pantry must-have for all your cooking needs.

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  • Check out the olive oil buying guide for information on "extra virgin" standards, date markings, and how to choose the best oil for you.
  • We've partnered with Shop Ethical on this review to show the ratings that the Ethical Consumer Group give to each company (not product).
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How we test

Our taste test

Each oil that passes both the chemical and sensory tests to be classified as extra virgin is included in a show judging-style tasting. 

Four trained tasters from the sensory panel taste the oils "blind" and award points for aroma (olfactory sensations), flavour/palate (gustatory sensations) and overall impression. Each oil receives a score out of 100, and is graded as follows: 

  • Gold (Excellent oil) = 86-100 points
  • Silver (Very Good oil) = 76-85 points
  • Bronze (Good oil) = 65-75 points
  • No Medal = 50-64 points 

The show judging score accounts for 100% of the overall CHOICE Expert Rating.

How we test olive oil provides details of the chemical and sensory tests conducted by our lab.

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