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2019 media releases

More fridges than ever before failing our tests: CHOICE
3 September 2019

17% of fridges arrived non-functional, had a noticeable fault or failed energy testing in past 12 months.

NSW acts on exploitative funerals - other states urged to act
30 August 2019

Clear pricing for funeral services will help grieving families.

Broking sector's broken promises: CHOICE
29 August 2019

CHOICE response to ASIC research: "The mortgage broking sector isn't fixing this problem, it's making it worse."

Consumer advocates unite as Government inaction on payday loan reform hits 1,000 days
26 August 2019

"Extortionary and extremely harmful": CHOICE welcomes the proposed ASIC ban on risky investment products
22 August 2019

ASIC will use its new Product Intervention Powers to ban harmful investment products.

"We need actual information, not marketing on our food labels": CHOICE response to food label changes
19 August 2019

CHOICE welcomes changes to added sugar labelling, but says that recommendations to improve the Health Star Rating system do not go far enough.

Which white bread should you be buying?
19 August 2019

CHOICE reveals which brands should be on your grocery list.

CHOICE responds to Treasurer's Royal Commission road map announcement
19 August 2019

"Stand strong against industry pressure" is the message from CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland following Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg's announcement on how the government will implement the Banking Royal Commission recommendations. 

Your choice of washing machine could waste over 460,000 litres
16 August 2019

CHOICE experts share water saving tips. 

"Better treatment with a $40 toaster than a $40k car" - Ford, Hyundai, Nissan and others failing Australians
12 August 2019

CHOICE calls on major car brands to adopt fair and clear 60-day refund policy.

CHOICE welcomes Consumer Data Right
1 August 2019

Law that will make it easier for people to compare and switch passes Parliament. 

CHOICE exposes hidden funeral costs
1 August 2019

Industry practices that hide prices take advantage of grieving families.

CHOICE Appliance Retailer Satisfaction Survey reveals best and worst retailers
29 July 2019

CHOICE members have rated Betta Home Living the number one bricks and mortar appliance store in the country, according to CHOICE's Appliance Retailer Satisfaction Survey.

Increasing the superannuation guarantee: the half-million-dollar distraction
26 July 2019 

The current debate about whether or not to lift the 9.5% super guarantee is a distraction from measures that could be introduced today that would see workers retire with $500,000 more in their superannuation.

"I became a mortgage broker in 10 days" - CHOICE investigation finds poor standards and sales culture
17 July 2019 

A CHOICE investigation into the mortgage broking industry has uncovered a culture of sales above all else and training that treats customer concerns as a problem to "overcome."

CHOICE reveals best priced electricity providers across NSW, Victoria and South East Queensland
4 July 2019

Consumer advocate CHOICE has revealed which electricity providers offer the most competitively priced plans across NSW, Victoria, and South East Queensland based on bills analysed by their bill switching service, Transformer.  

DO NOT FLUSH: CHOICE response to Federal Court flushable wipe judgement
28 June 2019

CHOICE is warning Australians not to flush wipes, following a disappointing court decision that means flushable wipe companies won’t be held to account for clogged sewers, damaged waterways and terrible plumbing bills for Australians.

Gold, silver or bronze? CHOICE helps you find the right level of private health cover
27 June 2019

Consumer advocate CHOICE has released a new tool to help people figure out what level of cover they need under new health insurance categories. 

CHOICE response to ASIC Product Intervention Power release
26 June 2019

CHOICE hopes these powers will be used to curb or stop the sale of products that are outright ripoffs, like consumer credit insurance, funeral insurance and tricky life insurance policies. 

Ministers must act on sugar labels
25 June 2019

Health Ministers must ensure foods high in added sugar receive lower Health Star Ratings, says CHOICE.

Top 5 EOFY sales products and avoiding EOFY sales regret
12 June 2019

With end of financial year sales marketing going into overdrive, has released the top 5 products from last year’s sales with tips on how to spot a bargain and how to avoid a dud.

"Don't play games with consumer rights": CHOICE on Jetstar's $1.95m penalty
30 May 2019

Consumer advocate CHOICE says today's announcement of a $1.95m penalty for Jetstar over "false and misleading representations" of the consumer law is an important message to Australian businesses.

CHOICE and Superannuation Consumers' Centre response to ASIC internal dispute resolution consultation
15 May 2019

Financial firms needs to be much better at resolving complaints when they are first made, and this needs to be firmly regulated by ASIC.

The "Mighty South Aussies" top supermarket survey:
14 May 2019

South Australians have backed local brand Foodland, with the supermarket chain taking out top position in the first ever CHOICE Supermarket Satisfaction Survey.

Harris Farm Markets impresses NSW shoppers:
14 May 2019

NSW shoppers have driven local brand Harris Farm Markets to number 2 in the first ever CHOICE Supermarket Satisfaction Survey.

Local brands dominate in supermarket survey:
14 May 2019

Local brands are the big winners in the first CHOICE Supermarket Satisfaction Survey - with NSW's Harris Farm Markets and SA's Foodland taking out the top spots.

Australians being forced into junk insurance in superannuation
7 May 2019

The Superannuation Consumers' Centre (SCC) at CHOICE says an independent inquiry is desperately needed to figure out how best to protect people who can no longer work.

Kill off useless codes: CHOICE slams finance codes and calls for new ASIC powers
6 May 2019

In a submission to Treasury, CHOICE and the Superannuation Consumers' Centre have called on the next Federal Parliament to grant ASIC new rule-making powers.

ASIC's warning to super funds: CHOICE responds
17 April 2019

Super funds are potentially breaking the law.

Nab dumping the introducer program: CHOICE response
25 March 2019

Health insurance tops household worries for first time: CHOICE
19 March 2019

"Frankly dishonest" - experts warn about the quality of health insurance advice with market changes ahead

Button battery safety failures
14 March 2019

CHOICE says children's lives are being jeopardised by business ignoring button battery risk

Australians fed up with fake supermarket price tricks: survey
19 February 2019

CHOICE calls on Australians to stand up to the supermarkets.

Consumer groups quit disingenuous consultation
15 February 2019

Consumer groups ask Canberra to move quickly on bank payments to mortgage brokers.

Baby cots lift their game
15 February 2019

But is the one in your home safe? CHOICE shares what to look for.

CHOICE scores cot safety win, but Canberra must act on safety
15 February 2019

CHOICE calls for election commitment to General Safety Provision.

What's the problem with mortgage broking?
5 February 2019

Following the banking royal commission's final report, CHOICE has detailed the problem with the mortgage broking industry and why it needs to change.

"Rip the bandaid off mortgage broking"
5 February 2019

Members of parliament must act on the banking royal commission's mortgage broking recommendations.

"Damning indictment of industry self-regulation"
4 February 2019

Banking royal commission report a once-in-a-generation opportunity to clean up the banking and financial services sector.

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