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2018 media releases

Milo comes clean on health stars
01 March 2018
CHOICE welcomes Nestle’s move to stop gaming the health star system

CHOICE welcomes action on deadly airbags after years of delays
28 February 2018
CHOICE says the car companies ongoing failure to protect the public from unsafe airbags reaffirms the need to tighten Australian Consumer Law

CHOICE calls for clean up of timeshare financial advice
23 February 2018
CHOICE makes ASIC complaint after investigation finds timeshare products can cost as much as $450,000 and run for over 60 years

CHOICE welcomes credit card reforms
15 February 2018
CHOICE is welcoming new legal protections which will allow online cancellation of credit cards after years of delay by the banks

Poor-value premiums the real pain point
14 February 2018
CHOICE says 70% of people without private health insurance found it too expensive

Airline complaints falling on deaf ears
10 February 2018
CHOICE urges the federal government to establish an airlines ombudsman

Call for banks to reveal secrets behind harmful practices
8 February 2018
CHOICE is calling for the Royal Commission to compel the banks to provide documents that expose the reasons behind delays, high fees, commissions and perverse staff incentives

Insurers continue to inflict premium pain
25 January 2018
CHOICE says Australians are staring down a 70% private health insurance price hike since 2008

Consumers can't choose science over snake oil
23 January 2018
CHOICE says changes to TGA legislation hard pill to swallow

Jumping over your kids' safety
19 January 2018
CHOICE tests find seven trampoline models fail safety checks

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