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Media contacts and releases

Media contact

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Note on historical links: CHOICE’s file sharing service Dropbox has discontinued the feature we have used to deliver media assets. This means media releases from 2019-2020 may have broken links to media assets. 

Backups of the assets are available for download here:

We apologise for any inconvenience.

2021 media releases

CHOICE testing reveals which hot cross buns are best
4 March 2021

Coles hot cross buns receive top scores.

CHOICE response to HBF returning COVID profits to members
3 March 2021 

Quotes attributable to CHOICE Health Insurance Campaigner Dean Price.

New CHOICE tests reveal safest trampoline: Springfree R79 scores 90%
3 March 2021

Plus, our top trampoline safety tips.

CHOICE welcomes passage of financial advice reforms
26 February 2021 

Consumer advocates welcome the Federal Government legislating four Banking Royal Commission recommendations.

Over 590, 000 Australians have relied on safe lending laws for justice
19 February 2021

Consumer groups in Canberra to fight for safe lending laws.

The worst fridge CHOICE has ever tested
15 February 2021

Smeg fridge receives dismal score of 22%. 

CHOICE welcomes ACT's vote to ban bank marketing in schools
11 February 2021

CHOICE calls on other states and territories to follow ACT and Victoria’s lead and stop banks from marketing to kids in schools.

"The job is not yet done": Banking Royal Commission implementation
4 February 2021 

Consumer groups respond to the two year anniversary of the Hayne Banking Royal Commission Final Report’s public release.

Officeworks wins back-to-school battle: CHOICE
19 January 2021 

School basics on a budget.

6 new playpens fail safety tests: CHOICE
18 January 2021

Products sold by Kogan, Amazon, eBay pose safety risk to children.

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