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2021 media releases

CHOICE response to ACCC enforcement action on hand sanitiser
27 May 2021

Quotes attributable to CHOICE Campaigner Dean Price.

The South Australian suburbs in mortgage stress
27 May 2021

New data reveals the South Australian postcodes most struggling with mortgage stress, as support for the Federal Government’s policy to axe safe lending laws weakens.

The Queensland postcodes in mortgage crisis
27 May 2021 

New data reveals the QLD postcodes struggling with mortgage stress as Parliament is expected to debate laws to remove consumer lending protections.

Over half of Tasmanians with home loans are in mortgage crisis: CHOICE
27 May 2021 

55% of Tasmanian households with a mortgage are on the brink, as crossbench Senators announce they won’t support the Federal Government’s policy to axe safe lending laws.

Western Sydney and Western Melbourne hotspots for mortgage stress: CHOICE
20 May 2021

Time for Government to drop its plan to axe safe lending laws.

Unfair but not illegal: When should the consumer law step in?
19 May 2021

CHOICE launches survey asking for experiences of unfair business practices.

Regulator must act against timeshare schemes trapping people for decades in poor value products: CHOICE
18 May 2021

CHOICE calls for ASIC to enforce the law to clean up the troubled timeshare industry.

Local supermarkets win in Supermarket Satisfaction Battle: CHOICE
10 May 2021

Plus – Coles and Woolworths online shopping. Who wins?

Hidden dangers lurking in your kitchen: CHOICE
4 May 2021 

CHOICE warns Australians on kitchen recalls.

Australians win fair fire definitions: CHOICE
30 April 2021 

Over 47,000 Australians have forced change from insurance giants.

Which laundry detergent came out on top in CHOICE testing?
29 April 2021 

Omo and Aldi detergents score first place.

CHOICE response to nib announcing increased profits from elective surgery shutdown
27 April 2021

Quotes attributable to CHOICE Senior Campaigner Dean Price.

"It's time to get Dollarmites out of all schools": CHOICE
26 April 2021

QLD joins Victoria and ACT in banning predatory school bank marketing.

Auto and General Insurance "shamefully lagging behind": on fair fire definitions: CHOICE
22 April 2021

Over 47,000 Australians have forced change from insurance giants.

Aldi and Morning Fresh take out top spots in dishwashing liquid test: CHOICE
31 March 2021

Plus, the 4 dishwashing liquids that performed the same as water.

5 of 8 bassinets fail safety testing: CHOICE
25 March 2021 

Plus, the results of our high chair testing.

CHOICE response to ACCC 'unconscionable conduct' case
22 March 2021

Quotes attributable to CHOICE policy advisor, Amy Pereira.

How to prepare for flood insurance claims: CHOICE
22 March 2021 

Steps Australians can take to prepare for an insurance claim.

CHOICE response to ACCC action on misleading funeral advertising
17 March 2021

“Funeral companies are on notice.”

Queenslanders lodge over 5,900 credit complaints since Royal Commission: CHOICE
16 March 2021

Which Queensland postcodes have been most hurt by the banks?

Employment, housing, debt "disaster" for South Australia without safe lending: CHOICE
16 March 2021

Which South Australian postcodes have been most hurt by the banks?

31,000 credit complaints since Banking Royal Commission: CHOICE
16 March 2021

Data reveals postcodes flooded with complaints about loans as Government plans to remove lending protections.

CHOICE's top five consumer rights tips
15 March 2021 

Everything you need to know to exercise your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

"Recipe for economic disaster": Consumer groups slam senate report on lending laws
12 March 2021

Consumer groups condemn Senate Inquiry Report, as vote looms on Government's disastrous proposal to axe safe lending laws.

Repeal of safe lending protections to be debated Monday
12 March 2021

CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland available for comment.

CHOICE testing reveals which hot cross buns are best
4 March 2021

Coles hot cross buns receive top scores.

CHOICE response to HBF returning COVID profits to members
3 March 2021 

Quotes attributable to CHOICE Health Insurance Campaigner Dean Price.

New CHOICE tests reveal safest trampoline: Springfree R79 scores 90%
3 March 2021

Plus, our top trampoline safety tips.

CHOICE welcomes passage of financial advice reforms
26 February 2021 

Consumer advocates welcome the Federal Government legislating four Banking Royal Commission recommendations.

Over 590, 000 Australians have relied on safe lending laws for justice
19 February 2021

Consumer groups in Canberra to fight for safe lending laws.

The worst fridge CHOICE has ever tested
15 February 2021

Smeg fridge receives dismal score of 22%. 

CHOICE welcomes ACT's vote to ban bank marketing in schools
11 February 2021

CHOICE calls on other states and territories to follow ACT and Victoria’s lead and stop banks from marketing to kids in schools.

"The job is not yet done": Banking Royal Commission implementation
4 February 2021 

Consumer groups respond to the two year anniversary of the Hayne Banking Royal Commission Final Report’s public release.

Officeworks wins back-to-school battle: CHOICE
19 January 2021 

School basics on a budget.

6 new playpens fail safety tests: CHOICE
18 January 2021

Products sold by Kogan, Amazon, eBay pose safety risk to children.

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