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2021 media releases

Young Australians more confident asking for refund, replacement or repair
22 December 2021 

Plus CHOICE's top tips on exercising your consumer rights this Boxing Day and beyond.

"Loyalty programs aren't free": CHOICE says loyalty programs share data well beyond consumer expectations
21 December 2021

90% of Australians have signed up to loyalty programs.

Don't rely on Black Friday sales for the best bargain: CHOICE
20 December 2021

CHOICE finds some Chemist Warehouse products more expensive during Black Friday sales.

CHOICE welcomes new funeral price transparency requirements in Queensland
11 December 2021

Queensland Government announces new regulation applying to funeral directors.

CHOICE testing reveals which Christmas shortbread is best
9 December 2021

Our experts take the stress out of Christmas.

Shutting down and leaving town: Call for stories about regional banking closures
2 December 2021

CHOICE calls for public to share their stories about bank branches and ATMs shutting down in regional areas.

CHOICE response to Right to Repair report
1 December 2021

CHOICE comments on Productivity Commission report.

Insurers stop renter robodebt and commit to minimum standards to protect tenants
1 December 2021

Joint campaign from WEstjustice and CHOICE improves landlord insurance recoveries processes.

Australians about to throw "thousands of dollars down the drain": CHOICE
30 November 2021

Bupa, Medibank, NIB customers risk wasting health insurance extras.

Clothes. cooking and TVs top Black Friday wishlists: CHOICE
23 November 2021

Australians tell CHOICE what they’re hunting for in the sales.

Senate public hearings into the collapse of Sterling Group
15 November 2021

CHOICE welcomes new rights for NSW travellers, calls on other governments to act
10 November 2021 

Quotes attributable to Alan Kirkland, CHOICE CEO.

Humm: no interest in safe lending: CHOICE Shonkys
4 November 2021

Financial counsellors slam Humm as “worst” for helping customers.

The worst fan ever: CHOICE Shonkys
4 November 2021

Generic knock-offs hiding in Australian stores.

"Might as well put your complaint in a shredder": CHOICE Shonkys
4 November 2021

Airline Customer Advocate awarded Shonky for failure to deal with travel complaints.

Breville's $2000 compost bin: CHOICE Shonkys
4 November 2021

Wasteful, expensive and complicated.

Toddlers targeted with a shonky sugar bomb choice: CHOICE Shonkys
4 November 2021

Kiddylicious sells “healthy” toddler treats with 68% sugar.

Fans without puff, awful airline advocate and toddlers targeted: Shonkys 2021
4 November 2021

Also: buy now pay later “cowboys” and Breville’s wasteful composter.

CHOICE response to ASIC legal action against timeshare scheme Ultiqa

3 November 2021

CHOICE response to ASIC suing timeshare company Ultiqa for poor financial advice outcomes.

New research reveals only 23% of Australians feel confident making travel plans in next 12 months: CHOICE
26 October 2021 

Reform urgently needed to give Australians clear and fair rights when travel has to be cancelled.

"Students will get lessons in financial literacy instead of bank loyalty"
25 October 2021

CHOICE welcomes end of Commonwealth Bank’s Dollarmites program in schools.

CHOICE's top tips for supermarket savings
22 October 2021

Switching to “ugly” produce, avoiding pre-packaged fruit and veg and finding the cheapest supermarket. 

"Justice delayed is justice denied": CHOICE on overdue Banking Royal Commission draft laws
21 October 2021

CHOICE survey reveals widespread public support for passage of Banking Royal Commission draft laws.

CHOICE testing reveals best and worst dishwasher detergents
12 October 2021 

Aldi tablets score first place.

15 consumer groups and professional associations call for stronger compensation scheme
6 October 2021 

Organisations unite to call for a broad financial compensation scheme, as legislation is expected to be introduced into Federal Parliament in the coming weeks.

How to save more than $500 a year on your laundry costs: CHOICE
5 October 2021

Tips and tricks to save on electricity, detergent, water and more.

The best time to call your airline: CHOICE
1 October 2021 

CHOICE called Qantas and Virgin four times a day over nine days to find the best times to call.

CHOICE reviews period underwear: The most extensive Australian trial yet
30 September 2021

Modibodi Seamfree Full Brief (Moderate-Heavy) scores first place. 

CHOICE warns Velocity Global Wallet customers to check accounts
22 September 2021

New high fees see customers lose money fast on Global Wallet cards.

Unfair contract terms need to go: it's time for businesses to face fines for bad behaviour, says CHOICE
21 September 2021

Fining businesses will stamp out unfair contract terms and protect Australians.

22,000+ Australians demand safety for their pets: CHOICE
16 September 2021

Open letter calls for Australians’ pets to be protected from dodgy food.

Investigation: Insurers target people who rent with robodebt-style tactics
14 September 2021

Landlord insurance claims process from some insurers leaves people who rent defending unfair debts.

A bad wrap: Cling wraps to avoid
10 September 2021

CHOICE reveals which cling wraps score poorly for ease of use.

"We are losing hope": WA victims on watered down compensation scheme
10 September 2021

CHOICE has written to WA politicians calling on them to protect forgotten victims of Government’s financial compensation scheme.

Insurance industry must stop targeting people who rent
9 September 2021

ABC investigation further exposes harmful practices from insurers. 

Indoor plants and refund rights: CHOICE
7 September 2021

CHOICE looks at what your rights are when refunding indoor plants and reveals how "you could be killing your plants with love."

CHOICE reveals the best and worst laundry detergents
27 August 2021

Coles takes out the best AND worst spots in lab test.

Labels necessary to help Australians find products built to last: CHOICE
20 August 2021

Consumer group calls for new laws to improve repair rights and consumer information.

Government's compensation scheme will leave financial victims out in the cold
17 August 2021

“Devastated” victims lose hope as Government waters down Royal Commission commitments.

CHOICE welcomes consultation to make funeral pricing clearer in Queensland
12 August 2021

CHOICE response to the release of the Queensland Government’s Options Paper on Funeral Transparency.

Sugar shonks targeting toddlers: CHOICE
10 August 2021

Australia’s 5 worst sugary toddler snacks.

Insurers targeting people who rent with unjust bills over $300,000
6 August 2021

CHOICE and WEstjustice call for urgent investigation of insurers.

Vintage cheddar cheese: CHOICE testing reveals which brands are "grate"
3 August 2021

King Island Dairy takes first place, Coles receives a notable mention.

SAMSUNG SHOCKER: 214 litres for one wash
27 July 2021

“Disgraceful” water waster shows hole in water labelling scheme that needs to be plugged.

WARNING: "Mamakiddies Baby portable cot must be recalled"
16 July 2021

CHOICE requests recall and warns parents of unsafe strollers and portable cots.

7 ways to fix the travel "cancellation chaos": CHOICE
8 July 2021

53% of cancelled travellers waited 3+ months for resolution.

"Banking victims deserve compensation": Government needs to prioritise overdue Royal Commission laws
1 July 2021

CHOICE calls on the Federal Government to pass laws to establish Compensation Scheme of Last Resort and Financial Accountability Regime.

"Absolutely no excuse now": CHOICE to health insurers
29 June 2021

CHOICE response to Medibank return of surplus.

"Private health is a rip-off for most young Australians": CHOICE
25 June 2021

Scare campaigns about Lifetime Health Cover loading debunked by data analysis of over 85 thousand scenarios.

CHOICE can't recommend ANY electric heaters from latest review
24 June 2021

Kmart and Bunnings leave Australians cold.

Top 5 most popular EOFYS buys: CHOICE
23 June 2021 

What to look for in the most popular EOFYS categories from CHOICE.

Parliament tears down new car repair monopoly: CHOICE
17 June 2021 

New laws mean manufacturers of new cars will have to share repair information with third party repairers.

Right to repair: CHOICE responds to productivity commission draft report
11 June 2021

CHOICE welcomes recommendations to make consumer rights more useable.

"Return what you didn't earn": CHOICE to health insurers
10 June 2021

CHOICE response to HBF return of surplus.

Home lending in SA at record levels: CHOICE
10 June 2021

People need protection from unsafe lending, as Senate vote imminent.

Sleep rip-offs to avoid this winter: CHOICE
8 June 2021

$4000+ mattress beaten by $500 mattress in lab tests.

One of the most illogical appliances CHOICE has tested
3 June 2021 

Breville FoodCycler makes composting more complex with energy costs, replacement parts and a high-pitched noise. 

CHOICE response to ACCC enforcement action on hand sanitiser
27 May 2021

Quotes attributable to CHOICE Campaigner Dean Price.

The South Australian suburbs in mortgage stress
27 May 2021

New data reveals the South Australian postcodes most struggling with mortgage stress, as support for the Federal Government’s policy to axe safe lending laws weakens.

The Queensland postcodes in mortgage crisis
27 May 2021 

New data reveals the QLD postcodes struggling with mortgage stress as Parliament is expected to debate laws to remove consumer lending protections.

Over half of Tasmanians with home loans are in mortgage crisis: CHOICE
27 May 2021 

55% of Tasmanian households with a mortgage are on the brink, as crossbench Senators announce they won’t support the Federal Government’s policy to axe safe lending laws.

Western Sydney and Western Melbourne hotspots for mortgage stress: CHOICE
20 May 2021

Time for Government to drop its plan to axe safe lending laws.

Unfair but not illegal: When should the consumer law step in?
19 May 2021

CHOICE launches survey asking for experiences of unfair business practices.

Regulator must act against timeshare schemes trapping people for decades in poor value products: CHOICE
18 May 2021

CHOICE calls for ASIC to enforce the law to clean up the troubled timeshare industry.

Local supermarkets win in Supermarket Satisfaction Battle: CHOICE
10 May 2021

Plus – Coles and Woolworths online shopping. Who wins?

Hidden dangers lurking in your kitchen: CHOICE
4 May 2021 

CHOICE warns Australians on kitchen recalls.

Australians win fair fire definitions: CHOICE
30 April 2021 

Over 47,000 Australians have forced change from insurance giants.

Which laundry detergent came out on top in CHOICE testing?
29 April 2021 

Omo and Aldi detergents score first place.

CHOICE response to nib announcing increased profits from elective surgery shutdown
27 April 2021

Quotes attributable to CHOICE Senior Campaigner Dean Price.

"It's time to get Dollarmites out of all schools": CHOICE
26 April 2021

QLD joins Victoria and ACT in banning predatory school bank marketing.

Auto and General Insurance "shamefully lagging behind": on fair fire definitions: CHOICE
22 April 2021

Over 47,000 Australians have forced change from insurance giants.

Aldi and Morning Fresh take out top spots in dishwashing liquid test: CHOICE
31 March 2021

Plus, the 4 dishwashing liquids that performed the same as water.

5 of 8 bassinets fail safety testing: CHOICE
25 March 2021 

Plus, the results of our high chair testing.

CHOICE response to ACCC 'unconscionable conduct' case
22 March 2021

Quotes attributable to CHOICE policy advisor, Amy Pereira.

How to prepare for flood insurance claims: CHOICE
22 March 2021 

Steps Australians can take to prepare for an insurance claim.

CHOICE response to ACCC action on misleading funeral advertising
17 March 2021

“Funeral companies are on notice.”

Queenslanders lodge over 5,900 credit complaints since Royal Commission: CHOICE
16 March 2021

Which Queensland postcodes have been most hurt by the banks?

Employment, housing, debt "disaster" for South Australia without safe lending: CHOICE
16 March 2021

Which South Australian postcodes have been most hurt by the banks?

31,000 credit complaints since Banking Royal Commission: CHOICE
16 March 2021

Data reveals postcodes flooded with complaints about loans as Government plans to remove lending protections.

CHOICE's top five consumer rights tips
15 March 2021 

Everything you need to know to exercise your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

"Recipe for economic disaster": Consumer groups slam senate report on lending laws
12 March 2021

Consumer groups condemn Senate Inquiry Report, as vote looms on Government's disastrous proposal to axe safe lending laws.

Repeal of safe lending protections to be debated Monday
12 March 2021

CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland available for comment.

CHOICE testing reveals which hot cross buns are best
4 March 2021

Coles hot cross buns receive top scores.

CHOICE response to HBF returning COVID profits to members
3 March 2021 

Quotes attributable to CHOICE Health Insurance Campaigner Dean Price.

New CHOICE tests reveal safest trampoline: Springfree R79 scores 90%
3 March 2021

Plus, our top trampoline safety tips.

CHOICE welcomes passage of financial advice reforms
26 February 2021 

Consumer advocates welcome the Federal Government legislating four Banking Royal Commission recommendations.

Over 590, 000 Australians have relied on safe lending laws for justice
19 February 2021

Consumer groups in Canberra to fight for safe lending laws.

The worst fridge CHOICE has ever tested
15 February 2021

Smeg fridge receives dismal score of 22%. 

CHOICE welcomes ACT's vote to ban bank marketing in schools
11 February 2021

CHOICE calls on other states and territories to follow ACT and Victoria’s lead and stop banks from marketing to kids in schools.

"The job is not yet done": Banking Royal Commission implementation
4 February 2021 

Consumer groups respond to the two year anniversary of the Hayne Banking Royal Commission Final Report’s public release.

Officeworks wins back-to-school battle: CHOICE
19 January 2021 

School basics on a budget.

6 new playpens fail safety tests: CHOICE
18 January 2021

Products sold by Kogan, Amazon, eBay pose safety risk to children.

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