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CHOICE reveals the best and worst multipurpose cleaners for 2023

Bosistos, Citro Clean and Nifti tie for first place, others perform no better than water.

Last updated: 07 February 2023

Consumer group CHOICE has put 46 different multipurpose cleaners to the test, revealing which ones you should pick up during your next shopping trip to keep your surfaces looking squeaky clean. 

"This year our experts can recommend eight multipurpose cleaners from our testing. Products from Bosistos, Citro Clean and Nifti tied for first place with an impressive score of 95%," says CHOICE cleaning expert Ashley Iredale.

"Unfortunately, our testing also found four cleaners performed the same as plain old water with a score of 25%," says Iredale. 

"A special mention goes to Rhythm's cleaning vinegar, which costs $1.20 per 100mL, but performed the same as plain water in our testing. You can pick up a bottle of basic white vinegar from Coles for about 7 cents per 100mL - that's more than 17 times cheaper," says Iredale.

Here are the multipurpose cleaners that scored highest in our testing:

bosistos cleaner

Eco-friendly Bosistos Multipurpose Cleaner received a CHOICE expert rating of 95%.

citro clean

Citro Clean Super Concentrate Multi-Purpose Cleaner was another winner in our testing, also scoring 95%.

nifti multi purpose spray

Nifti’s All Purpose Cleaner also received a rating of 95%, taking out a first-place spot two years in a row.

We recommend you steer clear of the following multipurpose cleaners, which all scored 25%, the same as plain water: 

s organics multi purpose spray

Saba Organics Surface Sanitiser

rhthym cleaning vinegar

Rhythm Cleaning Vinegar Kitchen Surface Spray

morning fresh surface spray

Morning Fresh Surface Disinfectant

diggers multi purpose spray

Diggers Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner

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