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  • CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland at the 2019 Shonky Awards
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    Whether it's campaigning for your rights, making shopping easier, testing products or giving unbiased advice about food, finance and health, CHOICE has the expertise to make sure you get the best information.

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  • Alan Kirkland

    Alan hosts our annual Shonky awards every November. He speaks to our goals and campaigns.
  • Margaret Rafferty

    Managing Editor
    All roads lead to Marg. A great spokesperson to talk across our products, values and investigations.
  • Matthew Steen

    Director, Reviews and Testing
    Across all product testing and reviews, Matt is an allrounder with a keen eye for sustainability.

Product and testing experts

Here at CHOICE we've built our reputation on the strength of our rigorous and scientific testing of goods and services. Our testing process is what we're famous for and the key to Australians' trust in us. So, as you can imagine, we take our testing seriously.

  • Adrian Lini

    Home appliance expert
    Smart and curious, Adrian is an expert across a large range of home appliances - from espresso machines and kettles to vacuums, lawnmowers, pressure cleaners and more.
  • Ashley Iredale

    Whitegoods expert
    Ash brings more than science to the conversation. He has an holistic view of whitegoods and a great sense of humour.
  • Chris Barnes

    Product Category Manager
    Chris is clever and has great ideas and advice on how to save money and get the most from your household appliances.
  • Fiona Mair

    Home economist and test coordinator
    Fiona is a wiz in the kitchen. Our expert on how to save time and money in the kitchen, reduce waste and landfill, and enjoy cooking.
  • Kim Gilmour

    Household products and safety
    Kim is hands on in testing baby products and household products such as coffee machines, stick vacuums and ovens.

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CHOICE holds industry and government accountable through independent analysis, campaigning and policy submissions. With more than 230,000 supporters, our campaigns achieve real change on the issues that matter to Australians. He are some the people working to make that happen.

  • Amy Pereira

    Senior campaigns and policy adviser
    Amys focus is on the use of consumer data in markets, working towards fairer and safer data use for all Australians
  • Dean Price

    Senior campaigns and policy adviser
    Dean fights to make health and home/contents insurance better for people.
  • Patrick Veyret

    Consumer Advocate, Financial Services Policy
    Passionate about making finance fair and fixing the power imbalance between big financial corporations and people.