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  • CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland at the 2019 Shonky Awards

    Meet our spokespeople

    Whether it's campaigning for consumer rights, making shopping easier, testing products or giving unbiased advice about food, finance and health, we have the experts to make sure you get the best information.

    Contact our media team on +61 430 172 669 to connect with one of our spokespeople.


  • Mark Serrels

    Editorial Director
    Mark’s role means he is familiar with much of our work and can provide comment and insight on stories that relate to activity from across the organisation.
  • Rosie Thomas

    Director, Campaigns and Communications
    Rosie leads the Campaigns and Communications Department, which fights to keep industry and government accountable.

Our media spokespeople

  • Chris Barnes

    Home appliances expert
    Chris leads our household appliances and whitegoods team, and has great tips on how to save money and get the most out of your appliances.
  • Jodi Bird

    Insurance and travel expert
    Jodi leads our financial products and services team, specialising in the insurance and travel industries.
  • Jarni Blakkarly

    Investigative journalist
    Jarni investigates corporate wrong-doing with a focus on how markets impact the most vulnerable consumers.
  • Kate Bower

    Consumer Data Advocate
    Kate works to keep corporate use of consumer data transparent, accountable and fair as technologies change and evolve.
  • Pru Engel

    Pru brings the unique stories, surprising insights, and personalities behind CHOICE’s research to life.
  • Kim Gilmour

    Household products and safety expert
    Kim reviews a wide range of products in our labs, and has a particular interest in product safety and children’s products.
  • Ashley Iredale

    Whitegoods expert
    Ashley is our leading expert in whitegoods, including washing machines, clothes dryers, fridges and dishwashers.
  • Liam Kennedy

    Liam translates and explains complex subjects so consumers can make the right choices for themselves and their households.
  • Andy Kollmorgen

    Investigations Editor
    Andy’s work uncovers predatory businesses practices across the consumer marketplace with an eye to bringing about regulatory intervention.
  • Adrian Lini

    Home appliance expert
    Adrian tests a large range of home appliances in the CHOICE labs, from espresso machines and kettles to vacuums, lawnmowers, pressure cleaners and more.
  • Fiona Mair

    Kitchen expert
    Fiona leads our food and kitchen appliances testing, running products through their paces and producing delicious creations in the process.
  • Uta Mihm

    Insurance expert
    Uta has been at CHOICE for over 20 years and knows everything there is to know about insurance, specialising in pet and health insurance.
  • Xavier O'Halloran

    Director, Super Consumers Australia
    Xavier leads the Super Consumers Australia team, which keeps the superannuation industry and regulators accountable to the needs of the Australian people.
  • Margaret Rafferty

    Marg investigates and exposes shonky products and services. Her in-depth knowledge and insightful commentary have made her a trusted source for consumers and journalists alike.
  • Alice Richard

    Alice can turn the most technical subject into a simple guide or quick overview. From air fryers and barbecues to health insurance.
  • Matthew Steen

    Director, Reviews and Testing
    Matt leads our testing and review department and has spent the last decade ensuring consumers get accurate information on what products perform and which ones fall short.
  • Peter Zaluzny

    Technology expert
    Peter tests a wide range of products at CHOICE, from mattresses to soundbars.

Media team

  • Katelyn Cameron

    Head of Media
    Katelyn leads our media team and is the best person to get in touch with if you’re interested in collaborating on a story with CHOICE.
  • Jim Hook

    Media and Social Producer
    Jim works across our media and social teams and can connect you with one of our subject matter experts.
  • Erin Barton

    Media Relations Assistant
    Erin is the friendly voice answering our media line, connecting journalists with CHOICE experts.