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2024 media releases


18 July 2024 - CHOICE reveals top takeaways from air fryer test

Are multi-cookers the new air fryers?

2 July 2024 - CHOICE welcomes appointment as one of the first designated complainants

New 'super complaints' function will shine a light on the most pressing consumer problems.


26 June 2024 - Best extras health insurance policies for under $15 a month: CHOICE

The best cheap health insurance policies to help you save money.

20 June 2024 - CHOICE releases first quarterly report on supermarket prices

New research finds Aldi has the cheapest groceries nationwide. 

11 June 2024 - Products to avoid in the end of financial year sales: CHOICE

Plus, our top tips for shopping the sales.

5 June 2024 - Health insurance premiums skyrocket, some by 15% or more: CHOICE

Should you consider self-insurance? Plus other tips to save.


31 May 2024 - Update to CHOICE's media phone hours

29 May 2024 - Passing the buck: CHOICE report finds scam victims unfairly carry the burden of scams

3 in 5 scam victims have lost confidence in doing financial transactions online. 

7 May 2024 - Supermarket loyalty programs not a fair price to pay: CHOICE

4 in 5 survey respondents think it's unfair for supermarkets to charge more if you don't sign up to member schemes.

6 May 2024 - Compensation for cancelled flights should be the norm: CHOICE

Response to Qantas agreement to compensate 86,000 customers for cancelled flights.

3 May 2024 - CHOICE reveals the best and worst surface cleaners

Seven surface cleaners tie for first place with scores of 95%.


30 April 2024 - CHOICE reveals the best and worst frozen chips

Birds Eye and Woolworths top tests. 

23 April 2024 - Coles, Woolworths and Aldi promotional labels are confusing shoppers: CHOICE

1 in 4 people didn't know whether price labels represented a discount on the usual price.

11 April 2024 - The cheapest ways to heat your home this winter

CHOICE experts share their top tips to save money on your electricity bill.


21 March 2024 - CHOICE testing reveals which hot cross buns taste best

Woolworths Luxurious Richly Fruited Hot Cross Buns receive the highest score.

20 March 2024 - 10 products hit by shrinkflation: CHOICE

Hot cross buns, cereal, cleaning products and more get smaller in size but not price.

15 March 2024 - 4 in 5 people believe businesses should ensure artificial intelligence systems are fair and safe

CHOICE calls for AI regulation in line with community expectations this World Consumer Rights Day. 

14 March 2024 - CHOICE reveals the best and worst dishwashing liquids 

Aldi products top our tests but also share last place with Coles, Fairy and Earth Choice.

13 March 2024 - Big tech responsible for big losses: 249% increase in social media scam losses since 2020

CHOICE calls for strong rules to force digital platforms to rein in scams.

12 March 2024 - Consumer groups welcome step towards treating Buy Now, Pay Later as credit

Regulation of Buy Now, Pay Later a step closer, but concerns remain over details.

7 March 2024 - CHOICE spills the tea on the best-tasting black tea

Aldi takes first place, with Tetley and Coles tying for second.

5 March 2024 - CHOICE's top Easter travel tips

Advice on booking accommodation, domestic travel insurance and avoiding travel scams.


20 February 2024 - 4 in 5 survey respondents think some Coles and Woolworths 'specials' make it hard to tell if you're getting a genuine discount 

CHOICE calls for fair and transparent grocery pricing. 

15 February 2024 - Health insurers are increasing their top-level policy prices by over 30%

CHOICE reveals sneaky tactics health insurers are using to increase their Gold hospital cover.

8 February 2024 - New Toyota cars collecting extensive customer data: CHOICE

Vehicle location, driving data, and more could be disclosed to multiple third-parties.


31 January 2024 - Consumer advocates call on insurers to act now at flood insurance inquiry 

Urgent changes needed to improve claims handling process.

24 January 2024 - CHOICE reveals how to protect your home from mould and damp this summer

Four tips on how to combat the humidity in your home.

18 January 2024 - How to tell if it's time for a new pillow 

CHOICE experts reveal five signs to look out for so you can rest easy.

15 January 2024 - CHOICE announces appointment of new CEO

Ashley de Silva to commence in March 2024.

11 January 2024 – How to save $7200 in 2024

CHOICE experts reveal 6 simple changes that could help you save thousands.

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