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How to shop smart and save money during Black Friday: CHOICE

60% of people interested in making a purchase during Black Friday sales.

Last updated: 21 November 2023

New nationally representative data from consumer group CHOICE has found over 60% of people are interested in buying something during the upcoming Black Friday sales. 

The research also found:

  • Just over a third (36%) of people thought Black Friday was worth waiting for because of the large discounts on offer. 
  • However, only 26% of respondents said they thought Black Friday offered better deals than the Boxing Day or End of Financial Year sales.
  • 32% said they were interested in buying clothes or shoes, 21% were interested in kitchen appliances, 16% were interested in phones and 15% were interested in TVs. 

"While there are certainly some good savings to be had in the Black Friday sales, it's important to shop smart and take the time to ensure you're getting the best deal possible," says CHOICE Editorial Director, Mark Serrels. 

"When it comes to shopping the Black Friday sales, make sure you do your research into the items you're considering purchasing, compare prices across stores, and don't buy something you don't need just because it's on sale," says Serrels.

Here are CHOICE's top tips for nabbing a bargain during the Black Friday sales:

1. Compare prices across stores 

"If you're planning to purchase a particular product, whether it's a kettle or a washing machine, make sure you compare prices across multiple stores. The first place you look may offer a 10% discount, but there's a good chance it could be reduced by 20% elsewhere," says Serrels. 

2. Always ask for a discount 

"Never be afraid to ask for a discount, even if the item you're purchasing is already on sale. The best way to do this is to head instore and ask them if it's the best price they can do. You'll find you can usually shave a bit off the purchase price, particularly with big items such as mattresses and whitegoods," says Serrels. 

3. Do your research and don't buy on brand name alone

"Our experts often find that cheaper products perform just as well, or sometimes even better, than more expensive items in our testing. Don't buy on brand name alone - make sure you take the time to do some research and check reviews online before you settle on a purchase," says Serrels. 

4. Don't buy low value extended warranties 

"Retailers often offer extended warranties when you're purchasing a large item like a TV or a fridge. However, these warranties often aren't worth purchasing, as they usually provide the same or weaker protections than you already have under consumer law," says Serrels. 

"If someone is trying to sell you an extended warranty, ask them what rights it will give you beyond the ones you already have under the consumer law, and think carefully before saying yes to the purchase," says Serrels.

5. Be on the lookout for scam websites

"Fake websites impersonating popular retailers have become far more common and sophisticated than they used to be, so take care when shopping online. Keep an eye out for unusual URLs, big discounts, missing information or poor formatting and spelling, which may indicate the website is not legitimate," says Serrels. 

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