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What regulations cover the loan advice offered by mortgage brokers?

Senior content producer - investigative journalist

It's important to know that any loan recommended by a broker is not required to be the best possible loan for you. It pays to test the competitiveness of loans recommended by brokers against independent sources such as CANSTAR or Flongle.

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"Thank you for your advice...I used it as part of my submission to NCAT. In the end Ticketek refunded all my money, plus court costs so one up for the little guy!" 

Michael Pillay, CHOICE member,

"Finally,we got a positive response! Yesterday,we received a letter from PetPlan expressing sympathy about the deaths of our two dogs and a cheque ...Very many thanks to you for initiating and following it up and to the others at CHOICE who waged the successful campaign to achieve the reversal of such a hard-hearted and illogical policy."

Ross and Selvi McLeod, CHOICE members,