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Sony FDR-AX33

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Canon HF R606

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Content producer - Digital home

What do I need to know about buying a 4K video camera?

Until recently 4K camcorders were much too expensive for the average consumer to afford, but the good news is we found a couple for under $2000 in our latest test. The footage can be stunning, but video files produced by a 4K camera will be huge, so you may need to invest in a few 64GB or 128GB memory cards and even upgrade your computer storage for editing.

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"The principal of the dealership rang us tonight, apologised profusely and asked what he could do to sort things out… I really do appreciate your swift response and offer of assistance. Once again thanks for offering to help us out. It is comforting to know that CHOICE is out there looking after consumers. We have been subscribers for many years and love the work that you do. THANK YOU!"

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"Thanks so much for your email and contacting Dell on behalf of us. That explains why Dell suddenly remembered our problem and thanks a lot for being a voice to the voiceless."

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