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Mobile phones for seniors reviews

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Last updated: 08 March 2024


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Older people and young children may find a simple, easy-to-use mobile phone to be a more accessible (and cheaper) option than a smartphone. 

Our experts test and review a range of phones from Opel, Olitech, Doro, Telstra and more to help find the models that:

  • are best for low vision
  • are best for hearing loss
  • have the best sound when making and taking a phone call
  • have the largest buttons
  • make it simple to call out to emergency services
  • make it easy to install a SIM.

While none of the currently available models earned a recommendation, we found several of the phones are OK and would be worth considering if they have the features to suit your budget.

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This test covers popular phone models targeted at older Australians, such as the Olitech EasyFlip 2, Big Purple Phone and Swissvoice C50s.

While none of the currently available models are on our Recommended list, you can still find out which models scored best overall. Our comparison shows you which phones can automatically make emergency calls or send text messages, and which ones offer good support and help.

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    Bar mobiles and flip phones have a physical number keypad. Rugged mobiles can endure extra wear and tear and tend to have a rubber casing Smartphones can do a lot more than just talk and text with greater support for apps. Android mobile have an option to download and use an Android senior app, which provides a simpler main menu for common tasks. For the purpose of testing, all apps were assessed on a Google Pixel 5.

      4G support

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      The ability for the mobile to support a 4G mobile network is crucial as the existing 3G network is scheduled to be shut down for mobile phone calls and texting during 2024.

        Hearing aid support

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        The Microphone (M) rating and T-coil (T) rating determine how well your hearing aid will work with your mobile phone. If you use your hearing aid in Microphone mode (M), look for a phone with an M3 or M4 rating. If you prefer telecoil coupling (T), look for a phone with T3 or T4 rating. 

          Maximum speakerphone volume (dB)

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          • Maximum ringer volume dBa
          • Maximum speakerphone volume dBa
          • Good points
          • Bad points
          • Price
          • Mobile type
          • 4G support
          • Screen size inches
          • Standard headphone socket 35mm
          • Hearing aid support
          • Emergency button
          • Charging cradle
          • USB type
          • Torch
          • MMS support
          • WhatsApp installed
          • Predictive text
          • Menu font adjustable
          • Video capture
          • Micro SD
          • FM radio
          • Removeable battery
          • Maximum speed dial storage
          • In use claimed hours
          • Standby claimed days
          • Battery capacity mAh
          • Camera resolution mp
          • Bluetooth
          • Total storage possible GB
          • Country of origin
          • SIM type
          • Dimensions mm h x w x d
          • Weight grams
          • SAR wkg

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