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Last updated: 12 March 2019

The battery life of your smartphone is under a lot of extra strain from apps, social media, music streaming and online video – a power bank will help keep your phone charged throughout the day.

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We test power banks designed to keep even the most power-hungry smartphones kicking day and night. Our detailed test reveals:

  • the number of times they can charge your phone before they need charging
  • approximate charge time
  • approximate portable battery recharge time
  • size, weight and which models can fit in your pocket.

Our interactive comparison table shows the number of devices each power bank can simultaneously charge, whether they can power a tablet, laptop and Nintendo Switch, and other useful features and functions such as auto on/off settings, fast charge and USB-C output.

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    • Overall score
    • Performance score
    • Ease of use score
    • Multiple device score
    • Display score
    • Pocketability
    • Usable capacity measured
    • Powerbank charge time 1A hhmm
    • Fastest charging 5V USB port amps
    • Slowest charging 5V USB port amps
    • Maximum combined output watts
    • Can charge a tablet
    • Can power a laptop USB-C
    • Can power a Nintendo Switch
    • Good points
    • Bad points
    • Brand
    • Model
    • Status
    • Price
    • Stated capcity mAh
    • Number of USB-A ports
    • Number of USB-C ports
    • Battery type
    • Weight
    • Size mm HDW
    • Quick charge output
    • Wireless charging
    • Auto switch-on
    • Auto switch-off
    • Over-charge protection
    • Charge indicator
    • Other features


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