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Consumer advocacy – CHOICE Campaigns
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  • Committing to fairness

    Do you think the big four banks could be doing more to help people through COVID-19?

    The pandemic has exposed how quickly our financial situations can change.

    Join the campaign if you want Australia's major banks rise to the occasion and support people in financial hardship.

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Current campaigns

  • Help end COVID-19 price gouging

    Add your name now to support a law that ensures fair prices on essentials for everyone during a crisis like COVID-19.
  • Better health care

    Join the push for discounts on insurance premiums, rolling extras coverage into the new year, and an inquiry into the private health system.
  • Safer insurance during bushfires

    It shouldn't be left to insurance companies to define words like 'fire'. Call on Treasurer Josh Frydenberg to implement a standard definition for natural disasters.
  • Fairer banking and finance

    Call on the banks to implement four measures to ensure people are treated fairly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Stronger product safety laws

    The things we buy shouldn't put us or our families at risk. Urge the government to introduce laws to ensure products sold in Australia are safe.
  • Improved food and drink labels

    Added sugar labelling is in our sights! Can you help us push for food and drink labels that show honest Health Star Ratings as well?
  • Easier refunds for lemon cars

    Sign the petition to call on major car companies like Mazda and Ford to treat you fairly with a 60-day refund policy for faulty new cars.
  • Survey: Have your say

    Coronavirus is affecting all of us in different ways. Can you share how you've been affected as a consumer? Your views will shape what we do next.

What we do

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  • Price gouging: How you can help stop it

    Do you live in Victoria?

    As the COVID-19 crisis continues, we should be able to trust that we're not going to be exploited with exorbitant prices on soap and toilet paper.

    We need to show the Victorian Consumer Affairs Minister how many of us want to see a law introduced to prevent price gouging on essentials during a crisis.

    Email the Minister now

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