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Consumer advocacy – CHOICE Campaigns
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  • Get banks out of our schools

    This is big: following the Commonwealth Bank's Shonky Award for its Dollarmites marketing scheme, ASIC has announced a review into school banking.

    Kids should be able to learn about earning and saving without being subject to aggressive marketing tactics. Join our campaign and tell us why you support the removal of bank-branded programs from schools.

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Current campaigns

  • Added sugar labelling

    Added sugar labels could help thousands of us reduce our sugar intake. Urge your state or territory Health Minister to take action now.
  • Safe food for our pets

    Dodgy pet food could be making our cats and dogs sick. Join us in calling for pet food regulation to help keep them safe from harm.
  • Health star ratings

    We're onto food companies' tricks – here are five changes we need to improve the health star rating system. Add your name now.
  • Fix the banks

    Add your voice to the thousands fighting to keep the banks accountable, and help us make sure the government takes decisive action.
  • Stronger product safety laws

    Businesses need to be kept accountable for getting their unsafe products out of our homes. Sign the petition for better recall rules.
  • Better energy offers for everyone

    Australians are overpaying for energy. Tell your State Energy Minister you support action on better, safer, fairer default energy offers.
  • Your refund rights

    When something breaks or doesn't work, you should get a refund. Sign our petition to show that you want stronger consumer rights.
  • Get banks out of our schools

    The dodgy Dollarmites school marketing program gives the Commonwealth Bank unfettered access to thousands of kids.
  • Electricity bill late fees

    If you pay your energy bill just one day late you could be hit with fees as high as 58% of your total bill. Help us ban sneaky late payment fees.
  • Bad egg boycott

    If you shell out for free-range eggs, you deserve the real deal. Join the campaign for better free-range egg standards and happier hens.
  • Keeping vitamin labels honest

    Win! You stood up for honest claims on vitamins and supplements and your voice was heard. Help us spread the word.
  • Support better unit pricing

    If you use unit pricing and want to see it bigger, clearer and in more stores, join our calls to make it work better for you.

What we do

Take action

  • Demand safe products

    We deserve to be able to trust that when we buy something, it won't hurt us or our loved ones.

    But right now, there is no law that says companies must sell goods that aren’t dangerous. This isn’t good enough – Australia needs stronger product safety laws.

    Will you sign our petition and show your support for safer products?

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