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Consumer advocacy – CHOICE Campaigns
  • CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland, staff and stakeholders at a product safety event outside Parliament House, Canberra.

    Consumer advocacy

    For over 60 years, we've fought for the rights of Australian consumers. Today we continue our work by campaigning for fairer finance, consumer data protection, and ethical and sustainable markets.  

Current campaigns

  • Let’s stop scams ruining lives

    Sign the petition calling for strong new rules that force companies to detect and prevent scams, and require banks to reimburse victims.
  • Fair and affordable insurance

    Sign the petition calling on state, territory and federal governments to make a plan for fairer insurance that can weather our changing climate.
  • Stronger consumer guarantee rights

    Sign the petition calling for tough fines for businesses that unfairly refuse consumers' right to a refund, repair or replacement.
  • Reboot Australia’s privacy laws

    Outdated privacy laws are letting businesses get away with using our data in ways that are unfair and unsafe. Sign the petition for strong privacy reforms.
  • Travel rights

    Stronger consumer protections for when your travel arrangements are delayed or cancelled. Join the campaign for stronger travel rights.
  • Close lending loopholes

    Join the campaign calling on the government to apply the same consumer protections to buy now, pay later loans that apply to other forms of credit.
  • Let’s make unfair illegal

    A gap in the law is letting businesses get away with using all kinds of tricks, traps and dodgy tactics to take advantage of people. Sign the petition calling for strong new fairness laws now.
  • Stronger product safety laws

    The things we buy shouldn't put us or our families at risk. Urge the government to introduce laws to ensure products sold in Australia are safe.
  • Survey: Help us make a difference

    What issues should CHOICE campaign for change on? Have your say and help us make change on the issues that matter.

Take action

  • Sign the petition for fair grocery pricing

    It should be clear which products are the best value. But major supermarkets use many pricing tactics that can make products appear better value than they really are.

    Call on the government to force supermarkets to use fair and clear pricing now.
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