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Campaign with CHOICE

If you shell out for free-range eggs, you deserve the real deal. Join the campaign for better free-range egg standards and happier hens.
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Up to 25% of us are receiving unwanted calls each week. Sign the petition to fix the Do Not Call Register, and help us stop unsolicited calls.
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Have you had a bad experience with your bank or a financial service? You're not alone. Share your story, and help us shape our campaign for banking reform.
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Electricity companies are charging exorbitant late fees. If you pay your bill just one day late you could be hit with fees as high as 58% of your total bill.
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Real-world testing of fuel emissions shows we aren't getting what we pay for when it comes to filling up at the pump.
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When something breaks or doesn't work, you should get a refund. But it's not always easy. Can you share your experience?
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Added sugar labels could help thousands of us reduce our sugar intake. But state and territory Health Ministers are delaying action.
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Businesses need to be kept accountable for getting their unsafe products out of our homes. Sign the petition for better recall rules.
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We're onto food companies' tricks – here are five changes we need to make the system better. Add your name now.
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Even if you have private health insurance, chances are you'll be left out of pocket if you get sick, facing unpredictable costs.
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What we do

We fight for fair, safe, and just markets that meet the needs of people in Australia. CHOICE fights to hold industry and government accountable. Our campaigns achieve real change on the issues that matter to people in Australia.

We focus mainly on the following issues:

Consumer Protection

CHOICE has been working to make markets fair, just and safe since 1959. We can't do this without making consumer protection laws stronger. We are fighting with you for safer products, better services, honest advertising, strong penalties for wrongdoing and consumer laws that are stronger and easier for you to use.

Financial services

When something goes wrong with a financial service it really hurts: people lose savings, retirements or houses. CHOICE's supporters fight for people to get a fair deal, for systems that don’t rip-off people by default and for professionals to act ethically. We will make sure that markets deliver real value and that intermediaries always act in the best interests of clients.


Together we fight for healthy food environments that give people the right to make healthy, easy-to-identify and affordable choices by default. We work to make sure people can always make informed choices when shopping for groceries and other fast moving consumer goods.

Health and Social Markets

Australians should have equitable access to quality healthcare. Right now, private health insurance is failing consumers and the wider healthcare system because it is too complex, costly and poor value. This includes poor value for people without health cover who subsidise ‘junk’ policies through rebates.


Everyone needs a home. Whether you're renting or paying off a mortgage, housing is the number one cost for most Australians, particularly young Australians. In the past few years, those costs have risen a lot in most states and there’s a real risk that if interest rates rise or housing prices change, that a lot of people will struggle. That's why CHOICE will fight for better treatment for renters and the quality of advice people are getting when they try to finance a home.


Let's face it: Australians are addicted to travel. But the businesses that help us get from A to B have a lot of power. When something goes wrong, they don’t treat all consumers consistently or fairly. We fight for consumer protections to apply equally to all travellers.