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    Consumer advocacy

    As part of our consumer advocacy work, CHOICE conducts research, makes complaints to regulators and argues for changes to support consumers in submissions to government reviews and inquiries.
  • Consumer advocacy in 2020

    View all CHOICE policy submissions, reports and public complaints from 2020 on food labelling, health insurance, banking, product safety and more.
  • Past consumer advocacy

    View all CHOICE policy submissions, reports and public complaints from 2014 to 2019.

Current campaigns

  • Sign the petition for safer hand sanitiser

    We need to be able to trust that the hand sanitiser we buy is effective against COVID-19. Will you call on the government to stop dodgy hand sanitiser?
  • Help end COVID-19 price gouging

    Add your name now to support a law that ensures fair prices on essentials for everyone during a crisis like COVID-19.
  • Share your story

    Have you ever felt pressured to take on excessive credit card debt, personal loan debt, or an expensive mortgage?
  • Stronger product safety laws

    The things we buy shouldn't put us or our families at risk. Urge the government to introduce laws to ensure products sold in Australia are safe.
  • Defend safe lending protections

    Read our open letter and join 125 organisations calling on Australian Parliamentarians to make lending fairer.
  • Demand upfront funeral prices

    Join the fight for price transparency and greater protections for grieving families by emailing your consumer affairs minister now.
  • Fairer banking and finance

    Call on the banks to implement four measures to ensure people are treated fairly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Safer insurance during bushfires

    It shouldn't be left to insurance companies to define words like 'fire'. Call on Treasurer Josh Frydenberg to implement a standard definition for natural disasters.
  • Survey: Help us make a difference

    What issues should CHOICE campaign for change on? Have your say and help us make change on the issues that matter.

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