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More baby bassinets fail CHOICE safety tests

Risks include suffocation and choking hazards, head and limb entrapment and more.

kim gilmour testing unsafe bassinet
Last updated: 25 March 2021

Need to know

  • 5 out of 8 tested bassinets failed key safety requirements
  • Currently there's an Australian safety standard for cots but not bassinets
  • Check our reviews to find the best and safest bassinets 

In alarming news for families, CHOICE testing has found serious safety failures in a range of recently released bassinets on the market. 

Five out of eight models tested revealed safety risks including potential suffocation and choking hazards, head and limb entrapment, insufficiently firm mattresses and sharp wicker splinters. 

These new results follow our 2019 test, which saw 24 out of 33 bassinets – that's over two-thirds – also fail key safety requirements.

Here are the newly tested bassinets with serious safety issues – select to see full reviews and risks

CHOICE contacted these manufacturers about our test results, but only 4baby responded – see their reply below.

The bassinets that passed our safety tests are:

Watch: Safety risks revealed

CHOICE expert Kim Gilmour reveals the dangers exposed in our latest test.

Lack of safety standard puts babies at risk

"Unfortunately, there's currently no mandatory Australian safety standard for bassinets like there is for cots," explains CHOICE baby product expert Kim Gilmour. "This means that year after year we continue to see unsafe bassinets make it onto the shelves." 

"These major safety failures reiterate the need for a new product safety law, which CHOICE continues to campaign for. This new law would stop unsafe products from ever hitting the market in the first place."

Year after year we continue to see unsafe bassinets make it onto the shelves

Kim Gilmour, CHOICE expert

If you've bought any of these bassinets, CHOICE's advice is to take it back to the retailer and ask for a refund. If the retailer doesn't give you a fair refund, you can escalate your complaint to your state or territory fair trading body. 


The Quirky Bubba had loose wicker splinters, which can break off and pose a choking hazard.

Safety failures we identified

In our latest test, our lab experts found a raft of risks including head and limb entrapment, suffocation and choking hazards, insufficiently firm mattresses and more.

Two wicker bassinets – the Quirky Bubba Sienna Cradle and Collective Sol Lyla – raised a number of red flags for testers in particular.

"The handmade nature of these products means you do get these frayed bits of wicker breaking off in the form of sharp splinters, which can then pose a potential choking hazard," explains Gilmour. 

"In addition, our testers found the large gaps in the wicker can also pose head or limb entrapment hazards where a child could get stuck."


The 4baby bassinet's suffocation hazard warning that's actually a hazard itself.

In the case of the portable 4baby Sleep and Stay bassinet, testers found its large suffocation hazard warning label was ironically a suffocation hazard itself, as it obstructed the surface of the breathable material.

They also identified it came with an insufficiently firm mattress which could pose a potential suffocation risk. 

Bassinets that failed safety tests in 2019

  • BabyBjörn Cradle 041121
  • Cariboo Classic
  • Cariboo Folding
  • Cariboo Gentle Motions
  • Chicco next2me 10840
  • Childcare Carme Bassinet 036513-385
  • Kmart Anko Bassinet 42712893
  • Pottery Barn Kids Bassinet and Mattress set
  • Star Kidz Compagno Deluxe Baby Bassinet
  • Troll Sun Bassinet
  • Arm's Reach Cambria Co-Sleeper 8300-N
  • Arm's Reach Mini ARC Co-Sleeper 5111-N
  • Baby Inc Sonno Bassinet N9859
  • BabyBay Original, Mattress and Side Panel
  • Bebe Care Crib 096328-003
  • Bednest Bassinet
  • Fisher-Price Stow 'n Go Bassinet FBR72
  • Grotime Eurella
  • Halo Bassinest 3840
  • Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet 10896
  • Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet Classic 11557
  • Sunbury Cocoon Bassinet 41100-08
  • The Rattan Collective Yami
  • Ya.Ya.Ya Soothing Motions Bassinet HD3689-F
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