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5 water-wasting washers from Fisher & Paykel, Panasonic and Speedqueen

Avoid these top-loading washing machines if you want to conserve water. 

Speed Queen AWNA62 Panasonic NA-FS85G3WAU Fisher & Paykel WA7060G2 Fisher & Paykel WA1068P1 Fisher & Paykel WA1068G1
Last updated: 24 July 2019

Australia is a dry country at the best of times, but as the drought worsens and water restrictions become tighter, water use is increasingly top of mind. 

Top-loading washing machines can be big water guzzlers – they can use up to 70% more water than similar-sized front loaders. Some machines we tested used more than 150L of water for a regular cycle.

If saving water is on your bucket list, give these five washing machines a miss.

speed queen awna62 larger

1. Speed Queen AWNA62

  • Water efficiency score: 16%
  • Water used per cycle: 171L
  • Capacity: 7kg
  • Price: $2495

The Speed Queen AWNA62 top loader has appeared in a number of other halls of shame, including 6 products not to buy in the sales and 5 times cheap products outperformed expensive brands.

It's also one of the most expensive washing machines we've ever tested, and one of the worst performing. Plus it uses a huge 171L of water to wash a not-especially-large 7kg load.

Panasonic NA FS85G3WAU

2. Panasonic NA-FS85G3WAU

  • Water efficiency score: 17%
  • Water used per cycle: 170L
  • Capacity: 8.5kg
  • Price: $999

This Panasonic machine was underwhelming on a number of fronts, scoring just 52% for dirt removal, 53% for spin efficiency and being relatively expensive to run. 

"In a dry country like Australia we need to be very conscious of our water use. The good news is there are many modern washing machines which are very water efficient," says Ashley Iredale, one of CHOICE's expert washing machine testers.

"Given that the performance of modern, water-efficient washing machines is getting better and better, there's no reason to choose a washer that uses an excessive amount of water."

fisher paykel wa7060g2

3. Fisher & Paykel WA7060G2

  • Water efficiency score: 21%
  • Water used per cycle: 163L
  • Capacity: 7kg
  • Price: $849

One of the biggest selling washing machine brands in Australia, Fisher & Paykel has made some great machines. However, it also has the unfortunate distinction of having produced three of the five worst water guzzlers in our testing. 

The WA7060G2 scored particularly poorly in terms of gentleness (43%), dirt removal (62%) and spin efficiency (60%). 

fisher paykel wa1068p1

4. Fisher & Paykel WA1068P1

  • Water efficiency score: 21%
  • Water used per cycle: 162L
  • Capacity: 10kg
  • Price: $1499

Despite scoring a squeaky-clean 98% rinse performance score, this model only scored 50% for gentleness and 61% for dirt removal. It's also pretty expensive to run and doesn't have a 'water save' feature. 

fisher paykel wa1068g1

5. Fisher & Paykel WA1068G1

  • Water efficiency score: 22%
  • Water used per cycle: 162L
  • Capacity: 10kg
  • Price: $1399

This model also scored very well for rinse performance (98%) but dropped the ball on gentleness (52%) and dirt removal (64%). It's also relatively expensive to run, doesn't have a 'water save' feature and lacks a woollens wash option. 

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