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Mattresses to avoid buying this holiday season

AKA the mattresses you *should* buy if you don't want your guests to stay too long.

mattress with a cross through it
Last updated: 15 November 2019

If you're upgrading your spare room ahead of the holidays, you'll want to give some serious thought to what kind of mattress to buy. 

Should you buy the comfortable mattress to make guests feel at home, or look for something less comfy to make sure they don't overstay their welcome? 

We've rounded up three of the worst mattresses to come out of our rigorous mattress testing. What you do with that information is up to you: avoid them or make a beeline for them, depending on how long you want your guests to stay.

tempur original prima carina 19 cooltouch

1. Tempur Original Prima Carina 19 CoolTouch

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 56%
  • RRP: $4899
  • Sagging score: 46%

With an RRP of nearly $5000, you'd expect miraculous results from this Tempur foam mattress. But our tests showed otherwise. 

Aside from not being as firm as advertised (Tempur says it's firm but we found it soft), this mattress showed a significant loss in firmness over time – more than a 15% difference in total. 

It also scored a disappointing 42% for stabilisation, which measures the amount of movement in the mattress, such as when a partner rolls over in bed (higher scores mean less movement).

This mattress may be suitable for repelling both male and female guests: it scored just 40% for comfort for male users, and 48% for female users. 

And even though it claims to have 'CoolTouch' technology, the mattress warmth was measured in our tests as 'medium warm'. 

See our Tempur Original Prima Carina 19 CoolTouch mattress review.

ikea hokksen

2. Ikea Hokkåsen

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 58%
  • RRP: $599
  • Sagging score: 56%

It's much cheaper than the Tempur above, but this Ikea pocket spring mattress still failed to impress, scoring just 58% overall. 

This mattress will definitely make guests think twice about coming to stay: it scored just 30% for comfort for male users when brand new, and only 41% for female users. 

And if you live in the tropics, all the more reason to avoid it: it received a sweat repellant score of just 32%, which means it's more likely to absorb fluids like sweat and associated smells (shudder).

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sleepmaker miracoil advanced comfort

3. Sleepmaker Miracoil Advanced Comfort

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 59%
  • RRP: $2499
  • Sagging score: 81%

This mattress scored an abominable 20% stabilisation score, so your guests would almost certainly be in for a poor night's sleep if you choose this one for your spare room. It's also not the most comfortable bed in town: it scored just 39% for male users for comfort when brand new and 57% for female users.

It's claimed to be a firm mattress, but our expert testers found it's actually more of a medium.

It did get good scores for usage wear/damage and sweat repellency, but overall it failed to impress our experts, garnering a rather flat Expert Rating of 59%.

Read our Sleepmaker Miracoil Advanced Comfort mattress review.

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