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Mattresses to avoid buying if you want a good night's sleep

Sweet dreams aren't made of these poor performers in our latest mattress test.

three mattresses to avoid buying
Last updated: 18 November 2020

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so the right mattress can help you wake up in the morning with a spring in your step. But be wary – pick poorly and you could be waking up on the wrong side of the bed. 

So you don't lose sleep over your selection, our experts have revealed the three worst-performing mattresses in our recent product tests. Conducted with our lab partners in Europe, the reviews scientifically assess key factors such as comfort, stabilisation, sagging, sweat resistance and more. 

Woman lying on her side on a mattress with a red line running down the length of her back

Comfort testing conducted in the lab.

Of course, we also uncovered some very good mattresses too, including some impressive surprises priced well under $1000. Join CHOICE to see our full review results

For now, here are the mattresses to miss if you're going shopping:

1. Tempur Original Prima Carina 19 CoolTouch

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 55%
  • RRP: $4899
  • Sagging score: 46%

With an RRP of nearly $5000, you'd expect a heavenly night's sleep from this high-end mattress. But our lab tests showed otherwise, revealing it as the worst performer overall. 

It scored just 40% for comfort for male users and 48% for female users when brand new. It also rated a sorry 42% for stabilisation, which measures the amount of movement in the mattress, such as when a partner rolls over in bed (a higher scores mean less movement).

tempur original prima carina 19 cooltouch

Aside from not being as firm as advertised (Tempur says it's firm but we found it soft), this mattress also achieved the lowest score for sagging in the test. And even though it claims to have 'CoolTouch' technology, the mattress warmth was measured in our tests as 'medium warm'. 

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2. Ikea Hokkåsen

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 60%
  • RRP: $599
  • Sagging score: 56%

It's much cheaper than the Tempur above, but this Ikea pocket spring mattress has plenty of its own problems. 

Its comfort scores will make most sleepers recoil in horror, notching up a nightmarish 30% for male users and 41% for female users – the lowest numbers across both categories in the whole test. 

ikea hokksen

And if you live in hotter climates, there's all the more reason to avoid it. The Hokkåsen received the lowest sweat-repellency score of our test with a whiffy 32%, which means it's more likely to absorb fluids such as sweat and associated smells (shudder).

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Mattress damage test

Our mattress usage test runs a roller through 30,000 cycles to simulate eight years' use.

3. Sleepmaker Miracoil Advanced Comfort

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 59%
  • RRP: $2499
  • Sagging score: 81%

The name may promise miraculous results, but this mattress proved just mediocre in our tests. It scored an abominable 20% stabilisation score, which means some severe turbulence if you (or your partner) ever toss and turn.

It also came in low for comfort, scoring just 39% for male users when brand new and 57% for female users. And while it's claimed to be a firm mattress, our expert testers found it's actually more of a medium.

sleepmaker miracoil advanced comfort

On the plus side, it did get good scores for usage wear/damage and sweat repellency. But overall it failed to impress our experts, garnering a rather flat CHOICE Expert Rating of 59%.

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