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Best mattresses under $1100

How to save money on buying a new mattress – plus the cheaper options we recommend. 

Last updated: 12 July 2022


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How much is a 'cheap' mattress? 

More than half of the queen-sized mattresses we test fall in a 'mid' price range of about $1000 to $2000. This is because when we select mattresses for testing, we check current market figures to see what's selling well and focus on the highest-selling big-brand models. We try to include products that fit within the budget of average consumers. 

CHOICE mattress expert Peter Zaluzny says, "Mattresses aren't exactly cheap, but we found that models around this price point often strike a good balance between price, quality and performance." 

At the other end of the scale, there are expensive, premium mattresses costing $5000 to $6000 or even $10,000 or more, and that's before you've even bought a bed base to put it on. Prices that high may be beyond most people's bed budgets, there are definitely cheaper options out there from various brands. 

Looking to pay about $250 or less?

IKEA sells a few queen mattresses around the $200 to $250 mark and Aldi sells its popular 'Mattress in a box' a couple of times each year, also costing about $250 for the queen-sized bed in a box. Another less well-known brand that sells mattresses at a cheaper price point is Art & Science.

Why do some mattresses cost more than others?

Our expert testing hasn't found any clear-cut answer to this question. We find that more expensive mattresses definitely don't always perform better than cheaper models.

Generally speaking, factors that influence price may include what the mattress is made from, where it's made and the quality of its materials. Manufacturers may claim their mattress is 'premium' because it has more layers or is made with more sophisticated design or technology (which they may claim makes it more comfortable or more conducive to a better night's sleep). 

Factors that influence price may include what the mattress is made from, where it's made and the quality of its materials

But our experts caution against being too influenced by clever marketing – what tends to show in our testing is that however many bells and whistles a mattress is claimed to have, it doesn't always lead to better comfort and support. 

What a mattress is made from can affect its price, though. You can view the average price range for different types of mattresses in our mattress buying guide

How to save money on a new mattress

Peter's first tip is that you should never pay full price for a mattress. Don't be afraid to haggle. While you probably can't knock down IKEA on the price of a $250 queen mattress, it's definitely possible to save hundreds on mid-priced mattresses. 

In fact, in the latest batch bought for CHOICE testing, we managed to negotiate a cheaper price on almost half the mattresses we bought, in one case knocking almost 49% off the recommended retail price. 

You should never pay full price for a mattress

"CHOICE has been buying mattresses for years for our tests and we've found many retailers have a lot of room to move when it comes to price," says Peter. "Sales are pretty frequent too, so there's really no reason to pay the recommended retail price for a mattress.

"If you're confident and have done your research, you can usually shave a decent amount off the price tag by haggling. Just ask them 'what's the best you can do?' and start from there."       

More tips for buying a mattress on a budget

  • Research, shop around and price compare it's a competitive market and there are deals to be found.
  • Don't just shop at traditional retailers or on the showroom floor. Consider buying a bed in a box as well – there are many new online retailers that offer this type of product, which has given consumers more options.
  • Consider a double instead of a queen or king. 
  • Buy in bulk or as part of a bed package/bundle deal. Some retailers may give you a discount if you buy more than one mattress (either for a guest room, or go in with a friend), or if you buy the mattress as part of a bedroom furniture package, or mattress-and-bed bundle deal.
  • Check CHOICE mattress reviews to see which cheap mattresses perform better in our testing (CHOICE members can see our results below – become a CHOICE member to access them). 

Best cheaper mattresses in our testing

The detailed results of our mattress review, and which models that scored well but cost less than $1100, are available exclusively to CHOICE members. 

If you're buying a new bed but you're on a budget, the eye-watering prices of some mattresses out there can be more than a little unsettling. They can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand dollars or more. But are the cheaper mattresses any good? And what price do you really need to pay to get a decent one?

Perhaps you're not that bothered about the quality or comfort of the mattress if it's for a guest room that won't be used very often. But if you're looking to buy a cheaper mattress you are going to sleep on every night, you want to make sure you're not going to end up with buyer's regret. 

How we put mattresses through their paces

CHOICE experts recently reviewed 47 of the latest mattresses, assessing each one on factors such as changes in firmness over time, and whether you can rely on it to deliver the same standard of comfort over its lifetime. 

Our extensive expert testing shows you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get a good mattress

We also look at things such as how well they repel sweat, and how saggy or bouncy they are, to give each product a final CHOICE Expert Rating (its overall score). Find out more about how we test mattresses

The good news is that our extensive expert testing shows you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get a good mattress. In fact, many of the more expensive models are not necessarily worth forking out for.