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Best mattresses for hot sleepers

These mattresses will help you keep your cool at night.

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Last updated: 29 June 2023

Whether you live in the tropics or you're just a sweaty sleeper regardless of the temperature, trying to get comfortable at bedtime can be a nightmare. 

We test many mattresses each year, assessing them for things like comfort, stability, sagging, comfort retention and firmness. We also test each mattress's warmth: how warm or cool they are to sleep on. 

In previous tests, we've found that some supposedly 'cool' mattresses haven't lived up to their names. Though we've found a few 'cool' mattresses that genuinely are cool, most mattresses tend to run medium-warm or warm, which can be an issue if you're a hot sleeper.

The good news is that some of the mattresses coming through our labs are now actually living up to their claims, so your dreams of a cool night's sleep could well be in reach. 

"If you run hot, or you live in a warmer climate, look for mattresses with 'cool' insulation in our results. We know they can help you sleep cool because we measured them," says CHOICE mattress expert Peter Zaluzny.

However, there are still plenty that don't deliver on their promise, so make sure you check our reviews before buying so you don't get hot under the collar once you realise your mattress is warmer than advertised. 

We'll talk you through what makes for a cool mattress  and for CHOICE members, we'll reveal the best mattresses to keep you cool at night. If you just want to see the best products, you can jump straight to the results now.

Why buy a cool mattress?

Just like being too cold at night, being too hot can also disturb your sleep. If you overheat, you'll probably spend the night tossing and turning, and wake up feeling tired. 

While you can adjust your bedroom temperature and bed linen, sometimes that's just not enough. Buying a mattress that helps keep your body temperature lower is another way you can tweak your sleeping environment to help you rest better. 

"Mattress manufacturers often make claims about the warming, or cooling, capabilities of their products, but our tests found that it can be just marketing speak," says Peter. 

However, we're now seeing mattresses that actually do deliver a cooler surface temperature. We don't report on manufacturers' marketing claims, just the actual data, so when we say a mattress is cool you can be sure that it really is. 

What makes a mattress cool or warm?

Mattress manufacturers aren't always forthcoming about how their mattresses deliver a cool night's sleep, using vague terms like "cooling gel" and references to air flow, so it's hard for the average consumer to determine whether a 'cool' mattress will live up to the hype. 

Mattresses come in a range of different constructions and materials and, depending on who you speak to, you might think that a latex mattress is best, or that a spring mattress will breathe better. 

When we tested the coolness of each mattress we found that cool mattresses come in a range of different configurations – latex, foam and spring mattresses alike measured as cool. So, unfortunately, buying based on the mattress construction alone won't guarantee you a cooler sleep. 

But if you check our reviews before you buy you can make sure you're buying a mattress that will actually help keep you cool. You can also sort by price, construction, tested firmness and how you can buy it: online, instore or mattress-in-a-box. 

The coolest mattresses in our tests

We recommend mattresses with a CHOICE Expert Rating of 75% or more (although mattresses that score between 70% and 75% are still worth considering). 

Only CHOICE members can access our detailed mattress testing data. If you're not yet a member, join CHOICE to get instant access to all our expert, independent reviews. 

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