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Dishwasher reviews

Last updated: 27 June 2016

Which dishwashers perform best and offer the best value for money? We test and review more than 60 models, including conventional, drawer, slimline, and compact sizes, to help you find the best for you. Find out how we test dishwashers. Not sure what kind you need? Use our dishwasher buying guide.

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In our specialised CHOICE labs, we load up the machines with piles of dirty dishes, cutlery, glassware and cookware to thoroughly test each model so we can tell you which dishwashers:

  • wash best
  • dry best
  • use the least water and energy
  • have more features
  • are quieter than others
  • have the best member-rated reliability scores.

Our interactive tool also gives you vital stats like 10-year running costs, ease of use and special features to help you choose a model that's right for you. And our Recommended list will help you quickly pick the best-performing dishwashers of the lot.

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List of brands we tested in this review.


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The manufacturer's recommended retail price. Prices are often flexible, so shop around both online and in bricks and mortar shops for options.

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Type refers to the way the dishwasher is built into the cabinet. Freestanding, with a worktop – can generally be built-in as well because the worktop can be removed. Built-in – might not have top or side panels; must be enclosed and anchored to prevent it from tipping forward when fully loaded and dish racks are pulled out. Semi-integrated – a built-in type that allows you to fit a panel to the door under the control fascia to match the rest of your kitchen cupboard doors. Fully integrated – built-in with the whole front matching your kitchen and the controls inside the door. Compact – refers to the height. These tend to be built in (like an oven) or benchtop dishwashers.  Slimline – a full height dishwasher, but they tend to be a good deal narrower to suit narrow margin installs.

Brand reliability
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Statistics for brand reliability and brand loyalty (where available) are taken straight from our brand reliability survey, but do not add to the overall score. These scores refer to the brand, not that particular model. If you see "Not available" as the outcome, that's because we haven't gotten enough people who own the brand to reply with their findings - we need at least 50 to make the outcome statistically significant.

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Drying score
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Reflects how dry the dishes are 30 minutes after the normal cycle finished. During this time the doors are left closed (unless the dishwasher has an automatic door opening function that is activated at the end of the program).

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Washing score
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We assess how well the dishwashers can remove food such as oats, spinach, egg yolk, baby cereal, butter, and tea stains that have been dried overnight without being rinsed first. Our test is based partly on the current Australian standard and partly on the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) draft standard.

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Eco or bio wash
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To wash more economically with less water, or at a lower temperature - about 50°C is good for an enzyme-based detergent

Fold-down plate racks
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Fold-down or removable tines are useful for loading larger items like pots, pans and baking dishes.

Light or fast wash
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For washing lightly soiled or rinsed dishes more economically in a faster cycle.

Auto or sensor program
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Auto sensing or dirt sensor wash can be a useful feature as it claims to sense the dirt and adjust the wash to suit the amount of soiling on load in the dishwasher.

Time remaining display
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This will show, usually in digital format, how long a program has to go. However, this may change during the wash, as the dishwasher uses sensors to detect just how dirty a wash is. It can be annoying to see the count get down to 5 minutes, then flip back up to 15 minutes as the dishwasher changes its mind.

Half load
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Half-load option or load sensing half-load adjusts the water and program times for a much smaller load, while load sensing adjusts them according to the soil in the dishwasher. Both let you wash smaller loads more economically.

Delay start
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Delay time, delay start or time delay is a feature that lets you program the machine to start the wash at a selected time in the future. You can load it with dirty plates and detergent and program it to start in the middle of the night. Consumers who are on off-peak energy can take advantage of this feature.

Child lock door
Rinse only

Energy and water ratings

Energy - stars
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Manufacturers must declare the energy use (in kWh) of their product, and an energy star rating is derived from this information. Both the energy use per year and the star rating are displayed on the Energy Rating Label.

enter value/s in increments of 1 between 1.5 and 4.5

Water - stars
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Manufacturers must declare how many litres of water are used per wash cycle of a dishwasher or washing machine; per drying cycle of a washer/dryer or condenser dryer; per minute for a tap; or per full and half flush for a toilet. A WELS water star rating is derived from this. The water use and the star rating are displayed on the product's WELS label.

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Place settings
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The number of place settings a dishwasher claims to be able to fit. A standard place setting refers to one of each of the following: dinner plate, bread and butter plate, soup bowl, small bowl, small saucer, tea cup, drinking glass, knife, fork, teaspoon, dessert spoon and soup spoon.  A dishwasher that claims to have 12 place settings essentially claims to be able to fit 12 standard-sized items of the above into the dishwasher. 

enter value/s in increments of 1 between 6 and 16

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Where possible, we've listed the white model code and price. Most models are available in other colours, finishes or types – usually at a higher price. Stainless steel indicates any metallic or metallic-look finish; not all models are actually stainless steel. Where there is a 'Not applicable', the model is fully integrated and designed to match cabinetry (you'll need to buy fronts for these). If you wish to filter models by colour (on the report landing page), you may need to select categories under Related products (also in filters) to see all models and their colours.

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Whether the dishwasher comes in: conventional or standard size (tends to be 12–15 place settings and around 60cm wide, 80cm high and 60cm deep) slimline (around 8–10 place settings and around 45cm wide) drawer or compact (usually about six place settings and is fitted in a drawer, 60cm wide) benchtop (also about 60cm wide, but sits on top of a bench).

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  • Overall score
  • Recommended
  • Washing score
  • Drying score
  • Energy efficiency score
  • Running costs ($/10 yrs)
  • Brand reliability
  • Brand loyalty
  • Energy use (kWh)
  • Water use (L)
  • Noise level (dBA)
  • Program time (minutes)
  • Running cost + price ($/10 yrs)
  • Good points
  • Bad points
  • Price
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Status
  • Program tested
  • Configuration
  • Place settings
  • Cutlery
  • Type
  • Colour
  • Tap connection
  • Maximum hot water inlet temp (°C)
  • Similar models
  • Differences
  • Warranty (years)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D, cm)
  • Water inlet pressure (kPa)
  • Energy label program
  • Energy label - energy (kWh/yr)
  • Water label - water (L)
  • Energy - stars
  • Water - stars
  • Child lock door
  • Child lock controls
  • Child lock dispenser
  • Anti-flood hose
  • Delay start
  • Time remaining display
  • Height adjustable basket
  • Easy-to-lift top basket
  • Fold-down plate racks
  • Removable tines
  • Fan assisted drying
  • Salt dispenser
  • Internal light
  • Auto-open door
  • Eco or bio wash
  • Light or fast wash
  • Delicates
  • Pots or intensive wash
  • Rinse only
  • Auto or sensor program
  • Half load
  • End of wash signal (audible / visual)
  • Other features
  • Origin
  • Contact
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