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International travel insurance comparison

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Last updated: 06 March 2020


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Compare international travel insurance policies from insurers offering seniors, couples and family travel insurance. If you're looking to cover travel in Australia, check out our domestic travel insurance comparison.

Most travel insurers have either suspended policy sales or re-written their policies since the international travel ban, so the products listed in this comparison may now be out of date. We are working on an update, in the meantime please see Will travel insurance cover COVID-19? for more information.


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    Included in this comparison

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    • Policy type
    • Brand
    • Policy
    • Underwriter
    • Policy age limit
    • Medical expenses
    • Expenses to accompany
    • Additional travel expenses for sickness
    • Daily hospital cash allowance
    • Hours of hospitalisation
    • Dental expenses for accident or injury
    • Dental expenses acute pain
    • Funeral
    • Medical terrorism
    • Medical hijack
    • Medical civil unrest
    • Medical military action
    • Medical pandemic
    • Medical disaster
    • Medical mental illness
    • Cancellation covered
    • Cancellation expenses
    • Frequent flyer
    • Cancellation cover for agent fees
    • Cancellation terrorism
    • Cancellation hijack
    • Cancellation civil unrest
    • Cancellation military action
    • Cancellation pandemic
    • Cancellation disaster
    • Cancellation mental illness
    • Cancellation retrenchment
    • Cancellation defence and emergency workers
    • Cancellation of leave
    • Cancellation transport
    • Cancellation strike
    • Cancellation travel provider insolvency
    • Cancellation travel agent insolvency
    • Additional expenses for interrupted travel
    • Travel insurance extension for delayed trip
    • Kennel costs
    • Additional expenses terrorism
    • Additional expenses civil unrest
    • Additional expenses military action
    • Additional expenses pandemic
    • Additional expenses disaster
    • Additional expenses mental illness
    • Additional expenses documents
    • Additional expenses quarantine
    • Additional expenses collision
    • Additional expenses transport
    • Additional expenses for sick relative
    • Resumption of trip
    • Additional expenses for special event
    • Additional expenses for pre-paid travel arrangements
    • Special event terrorism
    • Special event pandemic
    • Special event disaster
    • Special event transport
    • Travel delay expenses
    • Hours before travel delay covered
    • Limit per 24 hours for travel delay
    • Delay terrorism
    • Delay pandemic
    • Delay disaster
    • Delay transport
    • Baggage expenses
    • Single unspecified item
    • Video or photo camera
    • Laptop or tablet
    • Smartphone
    • Prescribed medications
    • Overall specified item
    • Single specified item
    • Lost or stolen cash
    • Limit for baggage lost temporarily
    • Family limit for baggage lost temporarily
    • Hours before cover applies for baggage lost temporarily
    • Cover for cash in hotel room
    • Cover baggage in a car during the day
    • Cover baggage in a car overnight
    • Cover valuables in a car
    • Cover for valuables in check-in luggage
    • Cover for valuables left in public place
    • Cover for valuables left in locked accommodation
    • Rental car excess
    • Limit for rental car excess


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