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CHOICE’s top Easter travel tips

Advice on booking accommodation, domestic travel insurance and avoiding travel scams.

Last updated: 05 March 2024

Many Australians will be taking a holiday over the upcoming Easter long weekend to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, and enjoy a getaway filled with chocolate and hot cross buns. 

"Easter is a popular time of year to book a holiday, as people take advantage of the long weekend to get away. Wrangling accommodation, flights, hire cars and more can be stressful - particularly at a time where scams are so widespread and budgets are tight - but luckily there are a few things people can do to make their travels a bit easier," says CHOICE journalist, Liam Kennedy. 

Here are CHOICE's top tips on booking travel over the Easter break:

1. Consider if domestic travel insurance is worth it

"If you've paid a lot for your holiday, are hiring a rental car, or travelling with a lot of equipment, it might be worth purchasing domestic travel insurance. However, if you've scored cheap accommodation or a budget airfare, then you might be better off claiming what you can from the accommodation or airline provider if needed," says Kennedy. 

2. How to get the best accommodation deal

"We recommended looking at several websites to compare pricing. Once you find a good price, contact the hotel directly to ask if they can beat it, rather than going through the booking website," says Kennedy. 

"We also suggest filtering your searches when looking for accommodation to providers that offer free cancellation. Then, if something comes up or you find a better deal your finances won't be impacted," says Kennedy. 

3. How to avoid travel scams

"When using accommodation websites such as, be wary of emails or messages with links to attachments asking you to enter personal or financial information. If you receive these messages, verify what you're being asked to do by contacting the accommodation provider directly," says Kennedy. 

"Scams also occur through short-term rental platforms like Airbnb, often by asking you for payment outside the rental platform. If you've been asked to do this, it's possible it could be a scam. We strongly recommend only paying for Airbnb accommodation through the official platform," says Kennedy. 

4. Your rights if your flight has been cancelled

"If your flight has been cancelled, receiving payments for accommodation, meals, transport, or phone calls are at the airline's discretion in Australia, but asking for assistance if needed is worthwhile. We recommend holding onto your receipts if you're out of pocket due to a flight cancellation. Airlines address reimbursement claims on a case-by-case basis, so keep your spending to a minimum, as unfortunately you may not get your money back," says Kennedy. 

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