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CHOICE testing reveals the tastiest hot cross buns

Woolworths Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns receive first place.

Last updated: 09 March 2023

CHOICE has tested 21 hot cross bun varieties so you know exactly which ones to add to your shopping trolley this Easter.

"With so many options out there it can be hard to choose the best bun but whether you're a fruit fan or a chocoholic when it comes to hot cross buns, CHOICE has the answers. Our expert panel taste tested over 20 products from traditional fruit and chocolate categories purchased from national supermarkets, Bakers Delight, and Costco," says CHOICE Editorial Director Marg Rafferty. 

"Woolworths Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns took first place in our taste test, receiving a score of 75%. Our experts praised it for its softness and ability to toast well," says Rafferty.

Our experts blind taste tested each hot cross bun, and gave the buns a CHOICE Expert Rating determined by assessing flavour, appearance, aroma, and texture.

Best traditional hot cross buns 

HCB wollies traditional vegan

1. Woolworths Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns

CHOICE Expert Rating: 75%

Price: 67c per bun

"These Woolworths hot cross buns have a soft texture and toast well if you like your bun on the crunchy side. Plus, they're vegan-friendly with no preservatives," says Rafferty.  

coles traditional hot cross buns

2. Coles Traditional Fruit Cross Buns

CHOICE Expert Rating: 72%

Price: 67c per bun 

"These buns came in second place, with our experts praising them for their moist texture and softness," says Rafferty. 
woolworths richly fruited hot cross buns

3. Woolworths Luxurious Richly Fruited Hot Cross Buns

CHOICE Expert Rating: 61%

Price: $1.25 per bun

"These buns have dropped slightly in our testing, after scoring first place last year. However, our experts were pleased with the fruitiness of the bun and the hint of cinnamon with each bite," says Rafferty. 

Best chocolate hot cross buns 

"This year none of the nine chocolate buns we tested scored high enough to make it onto our recommended list. However, if you're still keen to get your chocolate hot cross bun fix, Aldi Bakers Life Chocolate Hot Cross Buns scored highest in our testing," says Rafferty.

H bakers life choc (1)

1. Aldi Bakers Life Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

CHOICE Expert Rating: 57%

Price: 58c per bun 

"Our experts discovered these buns scored much better when toasted and had a good shape and size," says Rafferty.
HCB community-choc

2. Community Co Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

CHOICE Expert Rating: 56%

Price: 67c per bun

"Our experts agreed the Community Co chocolate buns were soft and looked good visually, with a clear cross," says Rafferty. 
coles chocolate hot cross buns

3. Coles Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

CHOICE Expert Rating: 53%

Price: 67c per bun

"These buns had the equal highest chocolate content at 25%, but lost points due to their salty aftertaste," says Rafferty. 

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