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CHOICE reveals the best and worst dishwashing liquids for 2023

Coles takes out first place while one Morning Fresh product performs the same as plain water.

coles ultra dishwashing liquid
Last updated: 01 March 2023

Consumer group CHOICE has tested 44 different dishwashing liquids to reveal which ones will keep your dishes sparkling clean and the ones that will leave you scrubbing late into the night. 

"This year's results show a clear winner. Coles Ultra Advanced Power Soak Lime dishwashing liquid topped our testing with an impressive score of 90%," says CHOICE Director of Reviews and Testing, Matthew Steen. 

"The Coles dishwashing liquid scored 15 percentage points higher than its nearest competitor, and is also the cheapest liquid we tested. The Coles detergent costs 42 cents per 100mL, which is a win for both your pocket and your dishes," says Steen. 

Fairy Kitchen Antibacterial Spray received second place in our testing, with a CHOICE expert rating of 75%. 

"Rather than filling your sink with soapy detergent, you spray and let this Fairy product soak onto your dishes, then scrub off," says Steen.

"However, not all dishwashing sprays performed as well in our testing - two of the three worst performers were spray products. A good reminder to always do your research!"

fairy kitchen spray

Fairy Kitchen Antibacterial spray came second with a Choice expert rating of 75%.

Unfortunately, our testing found one detergent that performed the same as plain water. The Morning Fresh Ultimate Power Clean Spray Citrus Fresh received a CHOICE expert rating of 45%. 

morning fresh ultimate power clean spray

"Other than performing the same as plain water, the Morning Fresh detergent costs an astonishing $11 per bottle. Never assume that a more expensive product will outperform a cheaper one - our testing shows time and time again that price is no indicator of performance," says Steen. 

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