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Products to avoid in the end of financial year sales: CHOICE

Plus, our top tips for shopping the sales.

Last updated: 11 June 2024

With the end of financial year sales almost upon us, consumer group CHOICE has released its annual list of products to avoid while you're out shopping. 

"The end of financial year sales can be a great time to nab a bargain if there's something you've been meaning to buy, but it's important to do your research to make sure you don't end up with a dud product," says CHOICE Editorial Director, Mark Serrels. 

Here are the products to avoid in the EOFY sales:

Washing machines


Westinghouse WWT8084J7WA

CHOICE Expert Rating: 59%

Price: $1,149

speed queen

Speed Queen AWNA62

CHOICE Expert Rating: 59%

Price: $3,295

"We generally recommend people purchase a front loading washing machine rather than a top loader, as front loaders are far more efficient and generally do a better job of cleaning your clothes. However, if you are a top loader fan, steer clear of both of these washing machines," says Serrels.

"Our experts said the Speed Queen model had very poor water efficiency, was expensive to run, and didn't show the time remaining on your cycle. The Westinghouse model is not very gentle on your clothes, and both machines received very poor results for their ability to remove dirt," says Serrels.



TCL 65P745

CHOICE Expert Rating: 67%

Price: $795

"While this is one of the cheapest 65-inch TVs we've tested, it's still not worth your money. Our experts found this TV had very ordinary picture quality and so-so sound. If you're looking for a big screen on a budget, there are better options around," says Serrels.

Coffee pod machines 

coffee machine

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo XS 9781

CHOICE Expert Rating: 41%

Price: $89

"While pod machines are usually outperformed by manual coffee machines, there's no denying that many people love the convenience of a pod machine. This Nescafe machine received the lowest score in our coffee machine test. It's difficult to use and doesn't automatically stop once the coffee is poured. Instead, you have to manually stop it at the desired amount. We recommend avoiding grabbing this one in the sales," says Serrels.

Stick vacuums 


Dirt Devil Cordless Vacuum DSV22G2 EC223602245

CHOICE Expert Rating: 50%

Price: $99

"This Dirt Devil Cordless Vacuum received the lowest score in our testing at 50% - the same as last year. Our experts warned it does a poor job of cleaning most surfaces and has difficulty picking up dirt, sand, pet hair and pebbles. We recommend giving this model the flick," says Serrels.

Other tips on shopping the EOFY sales:

Be wary of extended warranties

"When you purchase a product, you'll sometimes be asked if you'd like to buy an extended warranty. However, in most cases, extended warranties carry the same or even weaker protections than your existing rights under the Australian Consumer Law, and aren't worth the money. If you feel pressured to purchase an extended warranty, simply ask 'what rights will this give me beyond the consumer law?'," says Serrels. 

Watch out for scams

"We've seen numerous cases of scammers setting up fake copies of major retailer websites to attempt to steal your money and personal information. If you're unsure how to spot a fake website, check to see if the URL is unusual, if the prices seem too good to be true, if there's any important information missing, or if it has unusual payment methods," says Serrels. 

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