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6 products you shouldn't buy in the EOFY sales

Save yourself sale regret: CHOICE experts name the products that just aren't worth the cash.

eofy sale sign
Last updated: 04 June 2020

Planning to buy a washing machine, TV, dishwasher or fridge in the end of financial year sales? There are some products you should avoid, even if they're massively discounted. It's hard to pass up a bargain, but these products just aren't worth it, no matter how tempting the sale price may be.

CHOICE has done the hard work for you to ensure you don't end up with a dud in the sales. Our expert testers put household appliances through their paces in our labs so we know which ones are the good buys, and which ones to avoid.

Beko Fridge BBM450W


1. Beko BBM450W

  • Cost: $1149
  • Score: 32%

When we hand out Shonky awards, we give them to the worst performing products and companies we've encountered – and we see some doozies. But what's worse than a Shonky fridge? A fridge that performs even worse than a Shonky fridge, that's what.

In 2019, Ikea's Nedkyld fridge earned a Shonky for failing its energy test and for failing to do the one thing a fridge is meant to do: keep your food cold. 

But this Beko fridge manages to out-Shonky even Ikea's worst fridge. Not only did it fail the energy check, it also scored 0% on our temperature stability test (how much the fridge and freezer temperature fluctuates). For context, the Ikea fridge scored 30% on this same test, which our expert fridge testers consider "very poor".

"Recycled paper parachutes might be cheap but they're no bargain, and the same can be said for sub-standard fridges," says CHOICE whitegoods expert Ashley Iredale.

"You might think you're saving money now, but a poorly performing fridge means your food won't last as long, costing you a motza in replacing perishables prematurely for the entire life of the fridge, which can be more than ten years."

For $1149, there are many other fridges on the market that do a much better job. To find them, check out our expert fridge reviews.

Ffalcon 40f1 tv


2. Ffalcon 40F1

  • Cost: $298
  • Score: 58%

While this might seem like a bargain even at full price, you're likely to be disappointed by the Ffalcon 40F1. It scored a less-than-sharp 51% for standard definition picture quality, and just 56% for high definition picture quality. 

Our expert TV testers weren't impressed with its sound quality either, giving it just 45% on this test. It did score well for energy use, but even that couldn't save it from receiving an underwhelming overall score of 58%. 

If you're after a good-quality TV, check our TV reviews first.

Washing machines

speed queen

3. Speed Queen AWNA62

  • Cost: $2695
  • Score: 54%

Costing a whopping $2695, the Speed Queen might be speedy, but it won't clean your clothes well. It scored just 44% for dirt removal, 47% for spin efficiency and 11% for water efficiency. And it costs a bomb to run: $1569 for 10 years.

Its bad points far outnumber its good points: very poor water efficiency, poor dirt removal, no auto-sensing water level, no selectable spin speed, no time remaining display, no woollens wash, no fast program… you get the idea.

Save your dosh and buy a washing machine that'll get your clothes clean and won't burn a hole in your pockets: check our washing machine reviewsfirst.

haier hwx8040dw1

4. Haier HWX8040DW1

  • Cost: $2499
  • Score: 67%

With a dirt removal score of just 55% and spin efficiency score of 63%, this machine isn't exactly one to get excited about. On the upside, it does have good water efficiency and is relatively quiet.

Kogan Compact Robot Vacuum KACOMROBVCA

Robot vacuums

5. Kogan EasyClean R10 Robot Vacuum KACOMROBVCA

  • Cost: $199
  • Score: 30%

This Kogan robot vacuum only has one job, but it doesn't manage to do it well at all. Our expert testers were thoroughly unimpressed by its performance: it sucks (or rather doesn't) at cleaning hard floors, carpets, corners and edges and pet hair. 

Not only that, but it bumped into objects all the time in our test, and can get stuck moving from a hard floor to carpet and vice versa. The only thing it could manage to navigate was tassels on rugs, which is all well and good if you're after clean floor rug tassels, but not much help if you actually want clean floors. 

If you're thinking of buying a robot vac, check out our robot vacuum cleaner reviews, as not all are created equal, especially these 3 robot vacs to avoid buying.

Omega Benchtop Dishwasher ODW101W


6. Omega ODW101W

  • Cost: $599
  • Score: 58%

The only nice thing our expert testers found to say about this Omega dishwasher is that it's very cheap to run – which you'd hope would be the case for a half-sized dishwasher. But that's where the praise ends for this disappointing product: it scored a lukewarm 35% for drying, 63% for washing, and it's very light on features. 

If you're in the market for a quality dishwasher at a good price, check our dishwasher reviews to see which ones came out well in the wash.