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10 products being hit by shrinkflation: CHOICE

Hot cross buns, cereal, cleaning products and more get smaller in size but not price.

Last updated: 20 March 2024

An investigation by consumer group CHOICE has revealed 10 grocery items that have been hit by shrinkflation, including hot cross buns, cereals, chips and cleaning products. 

"Shrinkflation is happening more and more often, and consumers are frustrated at its prevalence in supermarkets. We've heard from many people who say their favourite products have reduced in size, and in some cases, become more expensive," says CHOICE journalist, Liam Kennedy. 

"CHOICE's latest investigation into shrinkflation has found some Easter favourites, breakfast cereals and cleaning products are among the supermarket items that have shrunk but gone up in price," says Kennedy.

The following products have all been hit by shrinkflation: 



"Coles' Mighty Grain was being sold in 560g packets in October 2022, but now can only be found in 495g packages for the same price of $4.50," says Kennedy. 

"Woolworths has also downsized one of its cereal products - Max Charge cereal was sold in 560g packs until September last year, when the retailer began offering it in 495g packs instead," says Kennedy.


Hot cross buns

"Community Co's traditional and chocolate varieties have shrunk by 30g since last year, going from 480g to 450g. However, they've also been hit with a price increase, bumping them from $4.00 to $4.50," says Kennedy.


Biscuits, chips, and cleaning products

"Woolworths' original salted corn chips were $2.30 for 200g in October 2023, and while the price has remained the same, the packet size has reduced to 175g now," says Kennedy.

"McVities' Go Ahead range of "forest fruit" flavoured biscuits are also decreasing in size with packets going from 218g for $4.40 in June 2022 to 174g now, with no reduction in price," says Kennedy.

"Jif's Power & Shine Bathroom cleaner cost $2.50 in May 2022, with a 700ml bottle size. Now, you'll only get 500ml for $4.00, meaning the cost of each 100ml has increased by over 122%," says Kennedy. 

"Unfortunately, alerting customers to shrinkflation is not a mandatory requirement, but CHOICE would like to see this change. Supermarkets should be required to be upfront with their customers about products that have decreased in size but not in price, so consumers can make informed decisions when shopping. During a cost of living crisis, this is more important than ever," says Kennedy. 

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