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Leaf blower and blower vac reviews

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Last updated: 13 May 2024


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Despite the noise, leaf blowers and blower vacs make tidying up your garden and collecting debris easier – and some can even mulch it into something useful.

Our expert testers give petrol, cordless and electric blowers a thorough workout to help find the models that are:

  • best at blowing and vacuuming
  • easiest to use and convert to vacuum
  • quiet to run.

This review includes blower vacs and blower-only models. You can use the vacuum function filter on the left to view just the blower vac models.

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Our interactive comparison tool helps you find out which models have the features you want, as well as which are heaviest and which cordless models have the longest battery life, while our Recommended list shows you at a glance which models come out on top.

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    Blower type

      Vacuum function

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      Some models are blower-only; this option shows the ones that also have a vacuum feature.

        Performance score

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        We test with dry leaves and small twigs in a 20 square metre area. We time how long it takes to blow all the leaves into a pile, and for models with a vacuum function, how long it then takes to convert from blower to vacuum mode and vacuum up the pile of leaves. The fastest blowers clear the area of leaves in under 4 minutes. If a model runs out of power before cleaning the whole area its score is penalised accordingly.

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        Ease of use score

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        We check how easy each model is to use. This includes using its controls, and how comfortable it is to hold and operate.

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        Weight (kg)

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        • Performance score
        • Ease of use score
        • Vacuum performance score
        • Vacuum ease of use score
        • Noise at user's position and at 7.5m (dBA)
        • Good points
        • Bad points
        • Price
        • Vacuum function
        • Motor power / capacity
        • Battery
        • Battery capacity (Ah)
        • Battery life / stated charge time (min)
        • Cord length (cm)
        • Claimed blow speed (km/hour)
        • Claimed bag capacity (L)
        • Detachable tube
        • Carry strap
        • Nose wheel
        • Warranty (years)
        • Blower dimensions (cm, L x W x H)
        • Weight (kg)
        • Contents of packaging
        • Country of origin

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