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Wireless router reviews

Last updated: 25 February 2019

Whether you've got the NBN or you're still on ADSL, to get fast and reliable connections to all your wireless home-network devices you need a fast wireless router for your home Wi-Fi. We lab test and review models to help you find the best wireless router for you. 

Our buying guide will help you know what features to look for.

Please note: This is a test of wireless routers, not modem-routers (gateways). We test major ISP-supplied basic NBN gateways as well.

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Our test covers dual-band wireless routers and tri-band wireless routers, all of them NBN-ready. 

Our expert testers give every router a thorough workout to help find the models that:

  • deliver the best local Wi-Fi speed
  • are the easiest to use
  • have the greatest number of features.

Our interactive comparison tool helps you find out which routers have a built-in modem and support for VoIP, MIMO and guest network. 

Our Recommended list will help you see quickly which models come out on top.

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    Guest network

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    Lets you give visitors access to the internet, but not your local network.

      VoIP support

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       VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) lets you attach a phone handset and use a voice-over-internet-provider service to make phone calls over the internet.

        DLNA support

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        Whether the router supports Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) guidelines that make connection to other networked devices and streaming media files across your network easier.

          Tri-band router

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          A router that includes two separate 5GHz wireless networks in addition to a 2.4GHz network.

            Preset parental filters

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            Inbuilt filters that use a managed list to block known malicious and inappropriate sites.

              Included in this review

              Members-only access
              • Overall score
              • Performance score
              • Ease of use score
              • 5GHz 40m range test (MBps)
              • 2.4GHz 40m range test (MBps)
              • 5GHz wall penetration test (MBps)
              • 2.4GHz wall penetration test (MBps)
              • Yearly power cost ($)
              • Recommended
              • Speed (Mbps) 2.4 GHz
              • Speed (MBps) 5 GHz single band
              • Speed (MBps) 5 GHz combined total
              • Speed (MBps) 5 GHz smart switching
              • Speed (MBps) 5 GHz manual switching
              • Maximum claimed speed (Mbps) 2.4+5GHz
              • Antenna placement
              • Mimo support
              • Beamforming support
              • USB drive sharing
              • DLNA support
              • Installation wizard
              • Parental filters URL/keyword
              • Controls for wireless access or internet scheduling
              • Supports 3G/4G via USB dongle (not supplied)
              • Warranty (months)
              • Website
              • Good points
              • Bad points
              • Price
              • Brand
              • Model
              • Tri-band router
              • Wi-Fi type
              • Antennas
              • NBN ready
              • Gigabit ethernet LAN ports
              • USB 2.0 ports
              • USB 3.0 ports
              • WPS support
              • Default Wi-Fi access
              • Preset parental filters
              • Guest network
              • QoS (quality of service) support
              • VPN passthrough
              • Modem built-in
              • VPN client
              • VPN server
              • VoIP support
              • Wall mountable
              • Size (mm, W x D x H)
              • Weight (g)
              • Availability

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