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VPN service reviews

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Last updated: 13 June 2023


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There are times you need to protect your online location and identity and secure your information. This is where a VPN (virtual private network) comes in. 

Our experts test and review the most popular VPN services to help find the products that:

  • have the fastest download times
  • are easiest to set up
  • are easiest to use
  • have the best customer support.
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Our interactive comparison tool shows you which VPNs offer disconnection protection, which ones failed our DNS leakage test and which ones offer a free trial. Our Recommended picks will help you quickly see which VPNs come out on top. 

Our VPN testing was done using Windows OS, but we've noted where that branded app is available for other platforms (Mac, Linux, iOS, Android).


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List of brands we tested in this review.


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    Price as of May 2023 in AUD for standard VPN plans. Yearly price is rounded to the nearest dollar and converted from USD to AUD where necessary. Higher-priced plans may offer more options.

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    Auto server selection

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    Client software selects the best performance server automatically.

      Auto reconnect

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      Whether the program reconnects automatically in the event of interruption.

        Stealth option in standard plan

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        Stealth mode allows the VPN to mask traffic so it appears as regular HTTPs traffic, to stop the VPN use being blocked. We look at whether this is available in the standard plan.

          Router install supported

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          Whether or not you can install the VPN on your home router to protect your entire network rather than just install on and protect individual devices.

            Free trial or service available

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            Whether a free version or free trial period is available.

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              • Recommended
              • CHOICE Expert Rating
              • Performance score
              • Ease of use score
              • Ease of service cancellation score
              • Customer support score
              • Discrepancy in speed using VPN (percentage)
              • DNS leak test (Windows 10)
              • Default VPN protocol
              • DNS leak protection option
              • DNS leak protection default setting
              • Number of user devices supported basic paid plan
              • Router install supported
              • VPN data logging policy (claimed)
              • Personal details requested during signup
              • Kill switch disconnection protection
              • Good points
              • Comments
              • Bad points
              • Price (annual plan)
              • Price monthly
              • Free trial available
              • Free trial or service limitations
              • Accepts cryptocurrency
              • Mobile app included in price (Apple/Android)
              • Accepts PayPal
              • Unlimited data
              • Auto-renews subscription
              • Australian servers
              • Encryption enabled by default
              • Default encryption type
              • Windows
              • Mac
              • Linux
              • iOS
              • Android
              • Auto reconnect
              • Auto run on Windows startup
              • Auto connect when app started
              • Stealth option in standard plan
              • Auto server selection
              • Stealth option in premium plan
              • Speed test to determine best server
              • Malware protection option
              • Known owner

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