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Food recalls Australia – current recalls 2022

Details of the latest food product affected, why it's being recalled, who's at risk and what you need to do to stay safe.

Last updated: 20 January 2022


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Devondale and Woolworths butter recall

Recalled: Devondale and Woolworths butters and butter blends. Image source: FSANZ.

Saputo Dairy Australia is conducting a recall of various butter and spreadable butter blend products sold under Devondale and Woolworths brands

Why are they being recalled?

The recall is due to a potential microbial contamination. Food products with a microbial contamination may cause illness if consumed.

Exactly which product(s)?

The affected products being recalled (pictured) are:

Devondale Salted Butter 250g

  • Best before date: 18 MAY 22, 04 JUN 22

Devondale Salted Butter 500g

  • Best before date: 30 APR 22, 01 MAY 22, 24 JUN 22

Devondale Salted Butter 3 x 500g

  • Best before date: 01 MAY 22

Devondale Unsalted Butter 500g

  • Best before date: 30 APR 22

Devondale Dairy Soft Original 500g

  • Best before date: 06 JAN 22, 06 APR 22, 11 MAY 22, 12 MAY 22, 26 MAY 22

Devondale Dairy Soft Salt Reduced 500g

  • Best before date: 10 MAY 22

Woolworths Butter Salted 250g

  • Best before date: 16 OCT 21, 21 APR 22, 12 MAY 22, 13 MAY 22

Woolworths Butter Unsalted 250g

  • Best before date: 16 OCT 21, 11 MAY 22, 12 MAY 22

Where were they sold?

These products have been available for sale nationally at various outlets including Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, independent supermarkets and Costco.

I ate this product. Am I at risk?

Any consumers who have consumed this product and are concerned about their health should seek medical advice.

I have this product at home. What should I do?

Do not consume this product. Return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Who should I contact for more information?

Saputo Dairy Australia customer service team
  • Phone: ​1800 032 479

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Why do food recalls happen?

A food recall is action taken by a food business to remove unsafe food from distribution, sale and consumption. All food businesses must be able to quickly remove food from the marketplace to protect public health and safety. FSANZ coordinates and monitors food recalls in Australia. 

Recalls are classified according to the problem with the food. This includes:

  • undeclared allergen – due to incorrect labelling, incorrect packaging or contamination of the product by an allergen
  • microbial – contamination with pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses or parasites 
  • foreign matter – contamination with material such as glass, metal or plastic objects 
  • biotoxin – contamination with biological toxins such as histamine in fish and paralytic shellfish toxin in oysters
  • chemical/other contaminants – contamination with substances such as cleaning products, pesticides, machine oil, etc 
  • packaging fault – where an fault in the food packaging results in contamination (presence of glass/metal etc) of the food or a potential choking hazard.
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