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Online cloud storage reviews

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Last updated: 15 August 2016


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Cloud storage services are the tidy option for storing photos, video and documents from your computer or mobile device with the ability to access your stuff anywhere you can get online, no matter where you are. Our buying guide explains how they work and their features.

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Our test covers major cloud storage service providers with free and paid subscriptions. Our expert testers look at every aspect of each service, to find the ones that:

  • are easy to use
  • have desktop, mobile and browser access
  • offer the most free storage space
  • have the best security systems in place to protect your documents.

Our interactive comparison tool helps you find the services that offer additional protection features, including versioning, two-step authentication, offline access and security protocols during upload and download.

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    While all are available as a free service, paid plans will give you more storage or features. The prices shown are the first level pricing plans per month.

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        • Web access ease of use score
        • Android app ease of use score
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        • Set-up / help ease of use score
        • Features score
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        • Remote wipe
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        • Brand
        • Model
        • Price
        • Ongoing free storage space (GB)
        • Maximum single file size
        • Versioning (free version)
        • Web browser access
        • File protection in transit
        • Two-step authentication
        • Share folders
        • Auto upload photos
        • Save files for offline access
        • Picture album browser
        • Document editor
        • Music streaming
        • Windows
        • OS X
        • Linux
        • Kindle
        • Android
        • iOS
        • Windows phone


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