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Online cloud backup reviews

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Last updated: 16 May 2019


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Backing up your important information to the cloud can fend off a data-loss disaster and give you peace of mind, but there are a few things to watch for. We test and compare 15 online backup services you can access anywhere from your computer or mobile devices. 

Our interactive comparison tool helps you find which programs include useful features such as disk imaging, network backup, local backup, data seeding, archiving and much more. 

Our buying guide explains how they work and their features, and our how we test section outlines what we look at to find the best service. 

Our Recommended list will help you see quickly which products come out on top.

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Cloud backup works much like backing up your computer to a local hard drive, but stores your files online. Some backup products also provide cloud sync options. 

Our expert testers give every software a thorough workout to help find the products that:

  • are the easiest to use when backing up and restoring
  • are the easiest to use during disaster recovery
  • offer different back-up methods (full, incremental and differential)
  • support desktop backup to your local computer.
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    • General comments
    • Brand
    • Model
    • Availability
    • Price (annual)
    • Storage capacity
    • Storage type
    • Data location
    • Number of computers covered
    • Default encryption type
    • Initial backup selection
    • Default backup inclusions
    • User can select file types to back up
    • Option to back up system image
    • Seeding option
    • Automatic email backup (Outlook)
    • Backup scheduling options
    • Can back up to a local drive
    • Can back up a USB hard drive
    • Can back up a NAS device
    • Incremental backup
    • Supports archiving
    • Restore files and folders to original location
    • Individual file restore
    • Files kept online after deletion from local system
    • Keeps multiple file versions
    • Can access files through web browser
    • Bandwidth control
    • System resource control
    • Platforms
    • File search
    • File sharing
    • Sync folder available
    • Email backup summary


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