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Tyre pressure monitoring system reviews

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Last updated: 29 May 2024


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Wireless tyre pressure monitoring systems let you check your air at a glance and hit the road with confidence every time. We test tyre pressure monitor systems suitable for your car, caravans or trailers.

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Our test covers aftermarket wireless sensor tyre pressure monitoring systems that come with a maximum of four sensors all the way up to 22 sensors.

Our expert testers give every system a thorough workout to find the models that:

  • are the most accurate
  • have the best display
  • are the easiest to use.

Our interactive table helps you easily find the models with fast leak detection and the best temperature range for your needs, and our Recommended list will help you quickly see which models come out on top.

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    Fast air leak detector

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    Detects a fast leak and sends an alert to the display unit so you can stop safely before the tyre becomes severely deflated.

      CHOICE Expert Rating

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      The overall score is made up of accuracy (70%), display (15%) and ease of removing the sensor to adjust tyre pressures (15%).

      enter value/s in increments of i between 68 and 91

      Accuracy score

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      Tyre pressures were set to 35 psi using a calibrated pressure gauge and readings were taken for each tyre from the device's in-car display. The results were averaged and scored on the difference from the reference reading.

      enter value/s in increments of i between 80 and 95

      Display score

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      Our experts assessed the display for quality and clarity of readings.

      enter value/s in increments of i between 60 and 95

      Ease of removal score

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      Our experts removed the sensors from the tyres to evaluate how easy it is to adjust tyre pressure if required.

      enter value/s in increments of i between 60 and 80

      Included in this review

      Members-only access
      • High-low pressure detector
      • Pressure warning
      • Display
      • Range (m)
      • Country of origin
      • Sensor failure alert
      • Adjustable limits
      • High temperature detection
      • Range adjustment
      • Sensor low battery alert
      • Overall score
      • Accuracy score
      • Display score
      • Ease of removal score
      • Flexibility of alert settings score
      • Good points
      • Bad points
      • Price
      • Fast air leak detector
      • Maximum number of sensors
      • Pressure range (psi)
      • Temperature range (°C)
      • Sensor battery
      • Items supplied
      • Other features


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