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Last updated: 18 July 2019

Whether using them for security monitoring from afar or just for keeping an eye on your pets, wireless cameras give you the peace of mind that comes with being able to monitor your home – inside and out – when you're not there.

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Our test covers indoor and outdoor wireless cameras that work locally and over the internet, giving you access via your computer, tablet or smartphone. This test includes cameras that plug into mains power and also includes "wire-free" models that are battery powered and don't require a power cable. Our expert testers give every wireless security camera a thorough workout to help find the models that:

  • are the best performers
  • are easiest to install and use
  • have the best features

Our interactive comparison tool helps you find which wireless security cameras have the specs you might need, such as pan/tilt and zoom functions, remote control, microphones and speakers, motion detection, battery powered operation, and local and cloud storage.

See how we test security cameras. Our security camera buying guide explains the features to look for. 

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    If the camera is completely wire-free (powered by batteries).

      Removable battery

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      Where applicable, whether the battery can be removed from the camera for charging.

        Kit or camera only

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        Whether the camera comes as part of a kit or as a stand-alone camera only. Note that some cameras can be bought stand-alone or in a kit, whilst others only come as part of a kit.

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          • Recommended
          • Overall score
          • Image quality score
          • Ease of use score
          • Motion detection actions triggered
          • Motion area selection
          • Home and away setting
          • Noise detection
          • Ongoing costs (Cloud storage, remote access)
          • Google Home integration
          • Good points
          • Bad points
          • Comments
          • Brand
          • Buy now
          • Model
          • Description
          • Availability
          • Price
          • Kit or camera only
          • Kit required
          • Kit inclusions
          • Camera type
          • Wire-free
          • Power supply (B = batteries; M = mains)
          • Rechargeable battery
          • Number of batteries
          • Removable battery
          • Claimed battery life (months)
          • Solar panel accessory available
          • Weatherproof rating
          • Maximum resolution
          • Megapixels
          • Field of view (H/V or diagonal, degrees)
          • Frame rate (fps)
          • Video format
          • High speed internet required
          • Image settings in app
          • Night vision
          • Night vision range (metres)
          • 802.11n Wi-Fi band (GHz)
          • Ethernet
          • Pan
          • Tilt
          • Zoom
          • Stand or wall mount
          • Email alert
          • Motion detection
          • Motion detection scheduler
          • Microphone
          • Speaker
          • Siren
          • Local storage
          • FTP storage
          • Cloud storage
          • Remote access
          • Remote access via Android and iOS apps
          • Remote access via web browser
          • Warranty (years)
          • Website

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