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Smart lock reviews

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Last updated: 06 March 2023


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'Smart lock' broadly refers to door locks with unlocking mechanisms that don't require a keyhole. This includes PIN access, biometrics such as fingerprint scanning, smartphone apps, geofencing and more.

Our experts test smart locks that offer Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity to find out:

  • which models are easiest to install and use
  • which are the fastest to unlock using primary and secondary methods of entry
  • the unlock range for Bluetooth models.

We also consider any security and privacy points raised during testing.

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General data includes the build and design of each lock, the mount type (key turner, deadbolt, mortice and barrel only), access options, networking requirements, and security and monitoring features. This will help you find the right lock to suit the needs of your household. 

Our expert testers also summarise their experience of using each lock to provide real-world context. Note that we don't attempt to break into or hack the locks in any way.

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    Lock mechanism type

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    Matching the lock type to your existing lock should make installation easier. Key turner models fit over the existing lock and key. Some mortice locks have latch and deadbolt mechanisms installed.

      Ease of use score

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      We assess manual detail and clarity, set-up, app setup and navigation, ease of access using the primary unlock method and ease of access using the backup system.

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      App privacy and security score

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      This covers five points: Can the lock be set up without an app? Is an online account needed for the app? What personal details are requested for the online account? What are the online account password rules? What security is available when launching the app?

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      Unlock score

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      We record the speed of the primary method of entry, followed by the speed of a secondary method of entry. We also consider any issues using the app if one is available, such as poor performance or complicated navigation.

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        Back-up entry option. The lock mechanism will still work with a key if you lose your phone, forget the code or if the lock's smart features fail altogether. Keyless units may require a locksmith to access if a problem occurs.

          Mortice lock

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          An older lock design with a large 'pocket' (a rectangular block) that sits inside the door. Replacing a deadbolt with a mortice lock is possible but carving out the extra pocket space is a lot of work.

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            • CHOICE Expert Rating
            • Ease of use score
            • Unlock score
            • Unlock range score
            • App privacy and security score
            • Good points
            • Bad points
            • Tester comments
            • Price
            • Lock type
            • Mortice lock
            • Month and year tested
            • Bluetooth
            • Wi-Fi
            • PIN unlock
            • Fingerprint unlock biometrics
            • Smartphone app unlock
            • Geofencing
            • Key fobs included
            • Keyhole
            • Remote access
            • Guest access
            • Anti-peep
            • Autolock window seconds
            • Adjust autolock window
            • Unlock attempts limit
            • Lockdown duration (seconds)
            • Double unlock
            • Access logs
            • Internet connection required to access logs
            • Away mode
            • Passage mode
            • Google Home
            • Alexa
            • Siri
            • Push notifications
            • Set up without app
            • Back-up power
            • Interior handle
            • Door thickness (mm)
            • Lock backset (mm)
            • Bolt hole diameter (mm)
            • Spindle hole diameter (mm)
            • Battery type
            • Battery indicator
            • Batteries supplied
            • Online account required for app
            • Personal details required for app
            • Internet connection required for app
            • Country of origin

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