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Playpen reviews

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Last updated: 22 December 2020


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When baby starts moving, they need a safe place to play. Our experts lab test and review child playpens of all materials to help you find one that'll give you peace of mind.

In the absence of an Australian standard for playpens, we use international standards and in-house CHOICE methods (based on existing standards for things like cots) to test playpens. Some may be worth considering as they only have minor hazards, while others may have serious risks.

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Our experts assess:

  • whether they pass key safety requirements such as lack of footholds and strangulation hazards
  • ease of assembly and operation
  • whether they pose limb or head entrapment risks.
  • Our interactive comparison tool helps you find out dimensions and key features. Our Recommended list will help you quickly see which models come out on top.

    This test includes some discontinued models which may still be available to buy second hand. To include discontinued products in your search, select 'Discontinued' under the 'Related products' tab on the left of this page. 

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      Passed key safety requirements

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      Models that pass key safety requirements have no serious issues. Ones that score around 60-65% for performance may have minor hazards such as a door that doesn't self-close or edges/projections that could injure if a child runs into them. Serious failures include detachable small parts, snagging/strangulation hazards, clmbing footholds or failure of the limb or head entrapment requirements of both Australian cot and European playpen standards.

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