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Last updated: 25 March 2024


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Did you know we've been testing luggage performance at CHOICE for almost 60 years? Our experts thoroughly assess hard and soft suitcases designed for carry-on and check-in to find the ones that:

  • survive our tough lift-and-drop test
  • are stable
  • are the most water-resistant and durable
  • are the easiest to wheel around different surfaces.
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Our interactive comparison tool helps you navigate our results, while our Recommended list quickly shows which suitcases come out on top for performance and ease of use.

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List of brands we tested in this review.


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    We list the recommended retail price where possible for each suitcase. Shop around: in many cases, we found suitcases that were significantly cheaper than the recommended retail price.

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    Bag type

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    Whether the product is suitable for carry-on (for most airlines) or check-in only.

      Body type

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      The suitcase's exterior style.

        Performance score

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        We conduct technical tests to assess each suitcase's performance. The performance score for carry-on suitcases is weighted differently to check-in suitcases. For check-in suitcases, the score is made up of the lift-and-drop test (60%), stability test (20%), rain test (10%) and puncture test (10%). For carry-on suitcases, the weightings are 30% for both rain and lift-and-drop tests, 20% for stability and 20% for puncture.

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        Ease of use score

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        Ease of use is assessed by three triallists (including our expert tester). They score each suitcase on aspects like balance and manoeuvrability. They also wheel the cases (with a 5kg load for carry-on and 15kg load for check-in) over a range of surfaces including grass, carpet, stairs, asphalt and footpaths.

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        Price we paid

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        This is the price we paid at retailers, which is often far less than the RRP.

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        Included in this review

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        • CHOICE Expert Rating
        • Performance score
        • Ease of use score
        • Stability test score
        • Puncture test score
        • Rain test score
        • Lift-and-drop test score
        • Good points
        • Bad points
        • Bag type
        • Price
        • Price we paid
        • TSA lock
        • Stated capacity (L)
        • Weight (kg)
        • Height (cm)
        • Depth (cm)
        • Width (cm)
        • External dimensions (cm)
        • Warranty (years)
        • Extended handle length (cm)
        • Number of wheels
        • Suitcase body type
        • Type of material
        • Expandable
        • External pockets
        • Internal pockets
        • Internal straps
        • Items included
        • Country of origin


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