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Last updated: 24 October 2019


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A good BBQ is a must-have in the Aussie backyard (or balcony). We lab test and review gas, electric and charcoal barbecues to find the best performers that are also easy to use and clean.

Stuck on what type or size you need? Our BBQ buying guide will help you decide, while how we test explains our testing rigour.

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Our test covers electric and gas barbecues (including those that run on natural gas), and small and portable models through to large models.

Our expert testers fire up every BBQ to help find the models that:

  • are best at cooking evenly
  • are easiest to clean
  • have a flame diffuser to control flare-ups
  • are most fuel-efficient

Our interactive comparison tool helps you see at a glance good and bad points for each model, we tell you the running cost of each BBQ over five years, and our Recommended list will help you see quickly which models come out on top.

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    Gas, charcoal or electric.


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      Suitability based on size and features.

        Cooking performance score

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        The scores for evenness of temperature (cooking steak), evenness with high fat (sausages), low temperature cooking (marinated chicken wings) and roasting a chicken are weighted equally.

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        Ease of use score

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        Made up of cooking (40%), mobility (20%), using the controls (20%) and cleaning (20%).

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        • Running cost (5 years)
        • CHOICE buy
        • Overall score
        • Cooking performance score
        • Ease of use score
        • Evenness score
        • Evenness with high fat cooking score
        • Low temperature score
        • Roasting score
        • Cleaning score
        • External temperatures after 60min (°C, controls / handle / hood / side tables)
        • Gas consumption (kg/hr)
        • Good points
        • Bad points
        • Comments
        • Brand
        • Model
        • Availability
        • Fuel type
        • Price
        • Category
        • Warming rack
        • Reversible cooking plate
        • Number of burners
        • Side burner
        • Back burner for rotisserie
        • Viewing window
        • Side tray / folding
        • Storage cupboard
        • Natural gas option
        • Hotplate
        • Char-grill
        • Hotplate / grill material
        • Flame diffuser material
        • Burner material
        • Ignition type
        • Dimensions (cm, H x W x D)
        • Weight (kg)
        • Total cooking area (m2)
        • Contacts


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