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Photo book service reviews

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Last updated: 15 July 2021


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Photo book services can turn your holiday happy snaps into a professional-looking, coffee-table-quality printed book, conveniently mailed to your home. 

Our photo book buying guide explains the different options and features available and offers some handy tips on how to use photo book services.

This test compares a 'standard' hardcover book, approximately A4 size, using default options for paper type and number of pages, cover type and binding. It also covers the downloadable photo book software for Windows and Mac computers, apps and online (web-based) software where applicable.

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Our expert testers give each photo book service a thorough workout (see how we test) to help find the ones that:

  • have the easiest to use software
  • provide the best image quality
  • give you the best quality finished book

The interactive comparison tool below helps you find the services that offer high-definition printing, connectivity with popular image sharing sites including Instagram, Facebook and Flickr, and softcover or hardcover options. Our Recommended list will help you see quickly which services come out on top.

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    Price as of May 2021 for a standard hardcover book including any bank or foreign exchange fees incurred as part of the transaction (not inclusive of extra shipping costs).

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        • Image quality score
        • Paper quality score
        • Hardcover quality score
        • Total ease of use score
        • Sign-up and set-up process score
        • Adding pictures score
        • Assistance score
        • Autoflow process score
        • Editing tools layout score
        • Page layout score
        • Container movement and resizing score
        • Text placement score
        • Preview score
        • Ordering process score
        • Delivery time business days
        • Good points
        • Bad points
        • Notes
        • Brand
        • Model
        • Price
        • Cost per page
        • Cost for extra pages
        • Hardcover delivery cost
        • Foreign exchange fee
        • Minimum number of pages
        • Maximum number of pages
        • Cover pic included (hardcover)
        • Text on the spine
        • Softcover available
        • Standard paper weight
        • High resolution available
        • Landscape books
        • Portrait books
        • Square books
        • Online (web) interface
        • Windows application
        • iOS app
        • Android app
        • Mac application
        • Auto-fill option
        • Change page each layout
        • Add and move photo boxes
        • Resize photo boxes
        • Add text anywhere
        • Viewable grid
        • Snapping
        • Layout guidelines
        • Send to back / bring to front
        • In-built photo enhancement
        • Borders and frames
        • Move pages around
        • Facebook support
        • Instagram support
        • Flickr support
        • Book origin
        • Website


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