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Heat pump hot water systems comparison

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Last updated: 15 March 2024


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We've compiled the features and specifications of a wide range of heat pump hot water systems available in Australia so you can work out which one will best suit your household.

While we currently don't test or score the heat pumps (our labs don't have this capability at this time, and the published data isn't consistent enough for scoring), we expect to see more and more test data flow into the Australian market on these highly efficient hot water systems. 

Note: As we haven't scored any of the heat pumps we've looked at, there are no Recommended models.

Not sure where to start? Read our hot water system buying guide to check which type of system (gas instant, gas storage, solar, electric storage or heat pump) is right for you.

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Heat pump hot water systems are an increasingly popular choice for those looking for an energy-efficient option. They use technology similar to a split-system air conditioner to extract warmth from the surrounding air and move it into a water storage tank. Essentially they use electricity to move heat from one place to another, instead of generating heat directly in a resistance element like conventional electric hot water systems.

We collated the data in this review by scouring manufacturer and retailer websites, and checking each model's WaterMark certification. In time we expect to be able to calculate scores to help you choose the best models.

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List of brands we tested in this review.


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    Prices are based on what we found on retailer or manufacturer websites in February 2024. Manufacturers often sell direct to installers, so for some models the price isn't publicly available.

    enter value/s in increments of 1 between 0 and 7640

    Model type

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    Integrated models are all-in-one units with the heat pump compressor at the top of the tank. Split systems have separate compressor and tank components (much like a split system air conditioner), which can allow the tank to be installed indoors.

      Capacity (L)

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      The capacity of the tank, in litres.

      enter value/s in increments of i between 125 and 420

      Suitable household size

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      The household size for which this system is suitable. Generally assume 50L of hot water per person per day, plus 50% for occasional heavy usage days.

        Defrost cycle

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        Defrost cycles are essential in cold areas, where icing can occur on the compressor unit.

          Minimum working ambient temperature (°C)

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          The claimed minimum ambient temperature in which the heat pump hot water system will operate.

            Maximum working ambient temperature (°C)

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            The claimed maximum ambient temperature in which the heat pump hot water system will operate.

              Included in this comparison

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              • STC Zone 5
              • STC Zone 3
              • STC Zone 2
              • STC Zone 4
              • STC Zone 1
              • Price
              • Air flow rate (m3/h)
              • Booster element
              • Booster element power consumption (kW)
              • Capacity (L)
              • Covered under the VEEC scheme
              • Covered under the NSW ESS
              • Cylinder material
              • Defrost cycle
              • Heat pump depth (mm)
              • Heat pump height (mm)
              • Heat pump width (mm)
              • Heat pump weight (kg)
              • IP rating
              • Maximum delivery (L/hr)
              • Maximum horizontal displacement from tank (m)
              • Maximum vertical displacement from tank (m)
              • Maximum operating pressure temperature relief valve (kPa)
              • Minimum clearance for side intake (mm)
              • Minimum clearance for side outlet (mm)
              • Noise level (dbA)
              • Other clearances (mm)
              • Output water temperature (°C)
              • Heat pump power input (kW)
              • Maximum power consumption (kW)
              • Rated current (A)
              • Rated voltage (V)
              • Refrigerant capacity (kg)
              • Refrigerant type
              • Seasonal coefficient of performance (COP)
              • Suitable for cold temperatures
              • Suitable household size
              • Tank width (mm)
              • Tank depth (mm)
              • Tank height (mm)
              • Watermark certificate
              • Tank weight when empty (kg)
              • Tank weight when full (kg)
              • Maximum working ambient temperature (°C)
              • Minimum working ambient temperature (°C)
              • Warranty
              • Country of origin


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