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Line trimmer reviews

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Last updated: 10 March 2022


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In our years of testing line trimmers (also known as whipper snippers, string trimmers, strimmers, lawn trimmers and weed eaters), we've found that petrol models are usually your best bet for big yards. However, cordless battery-powered models are also now a serious option for most homes.

We're no longer testing electric corded models as they're a relatively small part of the market and have mostly been superseded by cordless models.

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Our interactive comparison tool will help you find the line trimmers that are:

  • the best at trimming short and long grass, and trimming vertically along lawn edges
  • the quietest
  • the easiest and most comfortable to use.

We also list important specifications including each model's motor power, fuel type, charge times and more.

Note: We changed our test method in 2019 (we moved the test to a new property with different grass and terrain) so results from past years are not readily comparable to results from 2019 onwards. Use the "Year" filter on the left or the dropdown sorting options to sort by year of testing.

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    Recommended retail price. This includes battery and charger for cordless models, but cordless models may also be sold without batteries.

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    The type of motor: petrol (two-stroke or four-stroke), electric (corded) or cordless (battery powered).

      Line feed

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      Automatic: feeds out more line as needed. Bump: tap the head on the ground to feed out more cutting line. Manual: you have to feed out more line by hand

        Performance score

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        We test by horizontally trimming along fences, walls and areas of lawn and vertically, with the cutting head perpendicular to the ground, along the edges of paths and garden borders. We also cut long grass up to 45cm high.

        enter value/s in increments of i between 44 and 100

        Ease of use score

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        We assess how comfortable the trimmers are to use, taking into account their weight, balance, handles, angle of the cutting head and so on. Respooling the line, using controls, starting, using the line feed and vibration are also taken into account.

        enter value/s in increments of i between 61 and 91

        Year tested

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        The year we tested this model. Tests from 2019 and onward are not comparable to earlier tests, due to a change in the test site

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          • Overall score
          • Recommended
          • Performance score
          • Ease of use score
          • Vertical trimming score
          • Horizontal trimming score
          • Long grass score
          • Handle score
          • Shaft score
          • Weight score
          • Balance score
          • Edge score
          • Controls score
          • Vibration score
          • Starting score
          • Line feed score
          • Respooling score
          • Measured battery life under load (minutes)
          • Noise at user's position and 7.5m (dB)
          • Good points
          • Bad points
          • Year tested
          • Price
          • Battery
          • Charge time (minutes)
          • Shaft type
          • Line feed
          • Number of cutting lines
          • Line length limiting blade
          • Safety guard
          • Telescopic handle
          • Clutch
          • Lock-off switch
          • Shoulder harness
          • Tree guard
          • Edging guide
          • Interchangeable heads
          • Rotating head
          • Motor size power
          • Fuel mix (recommended)
          • Fuel mix used
          • Weight (kg)
          • Length (cm)
          • Cutting diameter (cm)
          • Diameter of cutting line (mm)
          • Items supplied
          • Other features and comments
          • Warranty (years)
          • Country of origin


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