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Battery lawnmower reviews

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Last updated: 16 October 2019


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Battery (cordless) lawnmowers are convenient for smaller yards: you don't need to store petrol, and the latest models actually cut the grass pretty well.

We test and review the latest mowers to help find the best lawnmower for you. Our buying guide explains which features to look for and how we test explains our rigour.

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Our expert testers put battery lawnmowers, including catcher and mulcher models, through their paces on short, medium-length and long grass. Our rigorous testing helps you choose the model that's:

  • best for mowing
  • best for mulching (for models with this option)
  • easiest to use
  • safest.

As the market has shifted towards battery lawnmowers, we don't test corded (electric) ones anymore. However you can still check older results of previously tested models under "Related Products".

Our interactive comparison tool helps you find out which brands have long battery running time and fast charging time. Our Recommended list will help you see quickly which models come out on top.

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      A mulching function cuts the grass very finely and blows the clippings back into the lawn. Many models with a mulching function can also be used with a catcher instead.


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        A catcher is handy for collecting the clippings for use in a compost bin. Many models with catchers also have a mulching function.

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          Tests from 2019 and onward are not directly comparable to earlier tests, due to a change in the test site.

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            • Ease of use score
            • Vibration score
            • Pushing score
            • Handle score
            • Controls score
            • Height adjustment score
            • Power source score
            • Catcher score
            • Battery life (minutes)
            • Noise at 7.5 metres (dB)
            • Noise at user's position (dB)
            • Max lawn size m2
            • Lowest cutting height (mm)
            • Highest cutting height (mm)
            • Good points
            • Bad points
            • Year tested
            • Price
            • Brand
            • Model
            • Availability
            • Power source
            • Wheeled or hover
            • Weight (kg)
            • Wattage (W)
            • IPX
            • Battery
            • Battery voltage (V)
            • Capacity (Ah)
            • Charging time claimed minutes
            • Cutting positions
            • Width of cut (cm)
            • Closeness of cut to a vertical edge (mm)
            • Cord restraint
            • Quick release handle
            • Blade control lever
            • Rear deflector
            • Tilt adjustable deck
            • Carry handle
            • Battery charge tester
            • Catcher
            • Mulcher
            • Deck material
            • Cutting blades
            • Control position
            • Control type
            • Other features
            • Items supplied
            • Warranty (yrs)
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