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Digital camera reviews

Last updated: 09 March 2016

We review more than 60 digital cameras for the professional and enthusiasts. Not sure if a manual camera is for you? Try our cameras buying guide. To find out why our results are so rigorous, read more about how we test digital cameras. 

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Our test covers manual and semi-automatic digital cameras. If you're after a more basic model, check out results for our test of basic digital cameras.

Our expert testers give every camera a thorough workout to help find the models that:

  • are best at taking quality images
  • are best at taking quality movies
  • are easiest to use.

Our interactive comparison tool helps you find out which digital cameras are dust and water resistant, and which have time lapse and panorama settings. Our Recommended list will help you see quickly which cameras come out on top.

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Prices are recommended retail, as provided by the manufacturer. When this information is not available the price is taken from an average from major bricks and mortar retailers. In either case you should be able to do substantially better by shopping around.

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Effective resolution (MP)
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Measured in megapixels, based on the effective resolution, using a standard that is generally accepted to provide a reasonable indication of the maximum number of pixels the camera uses to create an image.

enter value/s in increments of 1 between 11.8 and 36.2

HDR function
Time lapse
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The camera takes one photo at a specified interval for a given period (e.g. one shot per second for 20 minutes).

Socket for external microphone

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  • Overall score
  • Recommended
  • Image quality score
  • Ease of use score
  • Monitor score
  • Movie quality score
  • Flash score
  • Viewfinder score
  • Good points
  • Bad points
  • Lens weight (g)
  • Weight (g)
  • Shutter delay 1m (sec)
  • Shutter delay 8.5m (sec)
  • Shutter delay - Liveview (sec)
  • Wi-Fi WLAN connection
  • Lens bag supplied
  • Price
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Lens
  • Camera type
  • Zoom range (mm)
  • Lens factor
  • Minimum aperture range (f-stops)
  • Lens diameter (mm)
  • Lens length (mm)
  • Lens filter thread (mm)
  • Lens mount
  • Sensor type
  • Sensor size
  • Effective resolution (MP)
  • Dimensions (mm, WxHxD)
  • Tripod socket
  • Water/dust resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • GPS tagging
  • GPS navigation
  • Electric cable release
  • Camera controlled via USB
  • Manual white balance
  • Full manual mode
  • Min shutter speed (sec)
  • Max shutter speed (sec)
  • Start-up time (sec)
  • Bulb setting
  • Preselect shutter speed fixed
  • Priority mode - shutter speed
  • Preselect aperture
  • Priority mode - aperture
  • ISO rating
  • Maximum manual ISO
  • Shutter release via touch screen
  • Exposure correction (lower)
  • Exposure correction (higher)
  • HDR function
  • Adobe RGB
  • Continuous shooting mode
  • Number of selectable exposure programs
  • Exposure bracketing
  • Self timer
  • Time lapse
  • Panorama (panning)
  • Image stabilisation - physical
  • Closest focus wide (m)
  • Closest focus tele (m)
  • Closest focus macro (m)
  • Focus assist lamp
  • Focus via touch screen
  • Continuous manual focus
  • Continuous manual focus switchable
  • Focus points (auto mode)
  • Software magnification for manual focus
  • Face detection
  • Spot focus
  • Focus tracking
  • Focus bracketing
  • Monitor size (mm)
  • Monitor ratio
  • Monitor pixels (000s)
  • Monitor swivel (V x H, deg)
  • Touchscreen
  • Monitor histogram
  • Monitor grid guide
  • Viewfinder type
  • Electronic viewfinder resolution (px)
  • Viewfinder diopter
  • Maximum video image size (px, WxH)
  • Video ratios supported
  • Video format
  • Maximum frame rate - progressive
  • Manual white balance - video
  • Preselection of shutter speed - video
  • Preselection of aperture - video
  • Video exposure correction
  • Number of selectable exposure programs - video
  • Video face detection
  • Video spot focus
  • Video focus tracking
  • Manual focus video
  • Continuous to manual focus switchable - video
  • Time lapse setting
  • Slow motion setting
  • Stop motion setting
  • Type of video light
  • Video image stabilisation
  • Accessory shoe for external video lamp
  • Video light power adjustment
  • Built-in speaker
  • Audio recording format
  • Socket for external microphone
  • Can add a comment to a still image
  • Memory card type
  • Internal memory (MB)
  • Number of memory cards - insertable
  • Can record in RAW format
  • RAW plus JPEG format
  • Image ratios supported
  • Flash type
  • Flash slow sync
  • Flash power adjustable
  • Hotshoe
  • Other flash connection
  • HDMI connection
  • HDMI cable supplied
  • USB connection
  • Wi-Fi functions
  • Other interfaces
  • Battery type
  • CIPA battery cycles
  • Charge via USB
  • Charge via mains
  • Adapter for charging batteries
  • Separate battery holder
  • Adapter for external power supply
  • Image editing software
  • RAW converter software
  • Video editing software
  • Lens hood supplied
  • Shoulder belt supplied
  • Other supplied
  • Extra features
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