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Instant coffee reviews

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Last updated: 30 May 2019


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We blind taste test and review 14 supermarket instant coffees, from brands including Aldi, Coles, Nescafe, Moccona and Lavazza, to see which tantalises the tastebuds.

  • Our instant coffee buying guide highlights the standout features of the best tasting instant coffees, details coffee flavour profiles, and looks at how much caffeine is in your instant coffee.
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How we test


We tested 14 instant coffee products that are available nationally in major supermarket chains. Where a brand has more than one product we’ve included its bestseller (according to manufacturer or Retail World Annual Report). We did not test latte, cappuccino or mocha styles, flavoured varieties, decaffeinated coffee or coffee bags. Price per 100g is based on price for a 100g jar or closest (not on special) in March 2019. 


This taste test was conducted amongst Voice Your Choice members who regularly drink instant coffee. This was a blind taste test where each participant is randomly assigned coffee samples that have been de-identified. They are instructed to prepare each sample in the same way as they would normally drink their coffee and complete a short taste test survey. Each product was tasted by at least 46 testers. 


Participants are asked to give an overall rating for each coffee sample on a seven-point scale ranging from ‘excellent’ to ‘terrible’, and then we convert these numbers to an overall percentage score. We also ask them to rate the intensity of the coffee flavour, and to select from a range of 17 descriptors those that best describe the coffee. We recommend products with an overall score of 70% or more.

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