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Careers at CHOICE

Working for Australia's leading consumer champion means improving people's lives every day.

Careers at CHOICE

Why you should join our team

Along with making things better, safer and fairer for consumers, working at CHOICE means:

  • you're part of an ethical organisation with a big picture mission
  • access to an amazing wellbeing program and great employee benefits
  • being part of a workplace that puts people first.

Our workplace

We believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace creates a positive and safe environment for our hundred-and-fifty-plus employees, and ultimately means CHOICE can better represent all Australian consumers.

Find out more about how we approach:

We are committed to accessibility and working flexibly at CHOICE, whether you're working from home or in the CHOICE building in Marrickville, Sydney.

We encourage anyone with relevant experience to apply for our vacancies.

Staff benefits

Your CHOICE benefits
What does CHOICE do? 
How we do what we do

CHOICE values

Values matter. A lot. They define our organisation, guiding what we care about, what we will and won't do, how we interact with others, how we treat each other and how we want to be known.

Our values Truth, Help, and Impact are unique to CHOICE. You won't find them anywhere else. They were developed in consultation with staff and backed by research to work out what matters most to consumers and CHOICE staff.

CHOICE values Truth Help Impact
  • We're fearless in finding Truth. We're honest, open-minded, respectful and transparent in everything we do to keep ourselves and others accountable.
  • We work collaboratively, respectfully, and proactively. Because when we all work together to Help, we amplify our impact.
  • We drive positive change and Impact. We are brave and bold in making a difference with our knowledge, words and actions.

Organisational structure

Our structure is based around seven key areas, represented within the CHOICE leadership team, which is made up of our our CEO and our senior managers.

CHOICE leaders are responsible for delivering our strategic objectives, championing change, sharing best practice and role-modelling organisational values.