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CHOICE environmental impact

All about our organisation's journey towards sustainability

Solar panels on CHOICE roof 2023

CHOICE is committed to making sure Australian consumers like you get a fair go, and part of that mission includes minimising our environmental impact.

We were officially accredited Climate Active from 2017-2021. That means we removed as much carbon as our organisation put into the environment.

Since 2023 we've moved into emissions monitoring so that we can continually lower our emissions through partnering with other supplier organisations who have achieved carbon neutrality.

Why we went carbon neutral

For many decades, CHOICE has been helping Australians find energy efficient appliances that save money, and that reduce overall power use.

In 2014, we tackled the impact of our own business practices on the environment. After reviewing our internal and external energy usage, we found that most of our carbon emissions were coming from power use. Since then, we've worked to change the way we use energy.

That means we:

  • spend less of our member funding on electricity, gas and water;
  • create less environmental pollution; and
  • engage, attract and retain more people who align with our values.

From 2017-2021, we were Climate Active certified. Sponsored by the Australian Government, the Climate Active program provides a framework and standard that business can use to benchmark and improve energy efficiency.

Read the last CHOICE Climate Active 2021 Public Disclosure Summary (PDF, 427 KB).

We made changes to the CHOICE building

Solar panels on the CHOICE rooftop have improved our energy efficiency.

Changes we made

We took a look at how we could become more sustainable. Bigger carbon-reducing initiatives included:

  • LEDs replaced all standard lights throughout our building
  • an upgrade of our building's air conditioning plant 
  • solar panels installed across our roof space.
Electric vehicles charging in CHOICE carpark

Electric vehicles (EVs) charging in the CHOICE carpark

Electric vehicle parking place

EV charging spot

We've also made some smaller but important changes:

  • recycling for plastics, paper, metal, cosmetic packaging, batteries and lights
  • staff travel emissions measured using a commuter survey 
  • purchased and maintain a bicycle fleet for local use
  • worm farms and composting programs
  • more energy-efficient ICT equipment
  • replaced our company car with an electric vehicle (EV)
  • dedicated car park EV charging stations for staff and visitors.

Offsetting our emissions

CHOICE switched to a green energy plan in 2022, and we now offset 100% of our greenhouse gas emissions. 

In 2023, we upgraded our rooftop solar system, doubling its previous capacity, and halving our average daily use of grid energy. CHOICE now exports electricity back to the grid on most days of the year.

Community recognition

In recognition of our efforts, CHOICE won the Energy Smart Award at the 2016 Inner West Business Awards (Sydney), and was highly commended for the same award in 2018.

Local environmental initiatives

Just next to our office site on Sydney's Cook River, CHOICE staff also work regularly with our local council to regenerate parkland by planting native trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers.

We also organise regular local "Clean Up Marrickville" events, to stop waste from polluting parklands and being washed into our local waterways. Read more on our social impact.