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  • women shopping in the 60s and today
    About us

    The CHOICE story

    Set up by consumers, for consumers. CHOICE gives Australians information and advice, free from commercial bias.

    We don't accept advertising or sponsorship which means you can rely on us for the real deal - when we review, advise and campaign on issues and products as diverse as banking, babies, finance, fridges (and even the food you put in them!) and much more. 

The history of CHOICE

  • Our history

    Find out how our unique organisation began.
  • Who was Ruby Hutchison?

    Find out about our founder, a single mum with seven children.
  • The CHOICE building

    Based in Sydney's inner-west, our proudly green office features NATA-accredited testing facilities, and a building mural by local artist David Cragg.

CHOICE values and advocacy work

Our organisation

  • Values define our organisation

    Values guide what we care about, what we will and won't do, how we treat each other and what we want to be known for:
      •   We are fearless in finding TRUTH
      •   We all work together to HELP
      •   We drive positive change and IMPACT

    These values are unique to CHOICE: you won't find them anywhere else. They were developed collaboratively with staff, and backed by research to align with what matters most to consumers. Read more about how CHOICE is run.

    How CHOICE is run