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Diversity and inclusion at CHOICE

AHRI 2017 finalist Gender Equity in the Workplace Award

To successfully achieve our purpose – to fight for fair, just and safe markets for consumers – CHOICE wants our staff to be more representative of all Australian consumers.

Our work towards realising the benefits of diversity and inclusion will include a range of priority actions. For the period 2016-2018, we'll focus on several of these, including:

1. Improve organisational understanding of diversity and inclusion with the aim of strengthening a respectful and inclusive work culture

2. Improve CHOICE's ability to attract, recruit and retain staff of diverse backgrounds, representative of Australian consumers. Initially, CHOICE will prioritise the following key diversity areas:

a. Gender

b. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

c. Abilities/Disability

d. Caring responsibilities/flexibility

3. Ensure we apply a diverse and inclusive lens to our work

We celebrate diverse and inclusive events for staff to participate in throughout the year, provide facilities to make the working week easier and more welcoming for staff with a range of needs and backgrounds, and we're working towards achieving gender equality in our decision-making teams by June 2018.

We aim to continue our WGEA compliance and continue to look at relevant areas of improvement.

Our progress towards our Diversity & Inclusion goals:

Diversity at CHOICE infographic