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How to buy the best roof box for your car

Podtastic! Overhead luggage compartments for your car.

car roof boxes

If stuffing your 'stuff' into the car boot often results in luggage spilling out into the footwells, onto the seats and onto people's laps, you might want to consider a car roof box for extra storage.

  • Car roof boxes vary in price and ease of use.
  • You'll use more fuel when they're attached, so don't leave them on when not in use.
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Why buy a car roof box?

They don't come cheap but if you're a regular camper or like to head off on weekends away, a car roof box (also known as a luggage box or roof pod) can definitely be worth it.

A roof box fits onto the roof bars of your car and can add an extra 300 to 600 litres of storage space. But more importantly, they make a long drive safer. They improve your rear visibility (if you tend to pile things up in the boot or back seat) and reduce the risk of objects flying around the cabin in the event of an accident.

Installing a car roof box

Roof boxes fix to your roof racks either with a basic U-bolt system or a 'claw'-style attachment. The claw attachments make it easier and quicker to mount and remove the box.

Keep in mind that your car uses more fuel when it has a roof box attached – our test car used 12.1% more fuel with the roof box fitted than without. So you really don't want to leave the box on when it's not being used. If it's easy to remove, you'll be more inclined to take it off sooner rather than later. The top models in our car roof boxes test were both very easy to fit.

How much do car roof boxes cost?

The models in our most recent car roof box test range in price from $599 to $1999.

What to look for


The roof box must be compatible with your roof bars. Check the shape, width and distance between your bars.

Size and shape

A roof box that's too big or the wrong shape can interfere with rear hatch or wagon opening. Narrow boxes can be difficult to reach, particularly on wider or taller vehicles. There are a range of shapes and sizes on the market, some with more specialised designs if you need to carry skis or other sporting equipment.


Boxes that open from both sides offer the most flexibility and practicality. Boxes that open from the driver's side only present a hazard if you can't pull off the road.

Load rating

Roof boxes have load ratings. Make sure you choose one that will safely hold the weight of your luggage.


Put heavier items in the boot of your car and use the roof box for lighter items. This will have less impact on your car's centre of gravity and make items easier to stow and retrieve.

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