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Pet insurance comparison

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Last updated: 15 January 2024


Checked for accuracy by our qualified fact-checkers and verifiers. Find out more about fact-checking at CHOICE.

Our expert comparison of 76 pet insurance policies from 27 insurers will help you:

  • decide which insurance is right for you and your pet
  • check how much of the vet bill an insurer will pay
  • check what excess payment options each policy has
  • check which policies have the highest annual benefits and the biggest range of features.

Unlike the for-profit comparison websites, we don't get paid by any of the insurers we're comparing.

Read our guide to buying pet insurance to understand how pet insurance policies work.

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Pet insurance can have many restrictions but might be useful in some scenarios. In this comparison we look at dozens of pet insurance policies offered by Trupanion, RSPCA, Pet Insurance Australia, Kogan, Budget Direct and more. 

The policies range from basic accident-only cover to comprehensive policies offering cover for accident, illness and preventative health care.

Still not sure whether pet insurance is right for you and your furry companion? Use our research to weigh up the pros and cons of pet insurance.

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List of brands we tested in this review.

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    Cover type

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    • Accident and illness is the most comprehensive and includes accidental injuries, cancer and other illnesses.
    • Accident is for things like broken bones, spider and snake bites.
    • Extended accidental injury covers accidents and some specified illnesses.
    • Indoor cat refers to cancer and other illnesses.
    • Major events refers to accidental injuries and some major illnesses.

      Covers cats

        Covers dogs

          Benefits stay the same as your pet ages

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          Some policies reduce the percentage of each vet bill the insurer will cover as your pet ages. A policy that covers 100% of your vet bill when your pet is young may cover as little as 65% after it turns 8. These policies are likely to leave you more out of pocket at an age when your pet is likely to need more veterinary care. Check this box to exclude these policies from your results.

            Annual maximum limit for cats

            enter value/s in increments of i between 5000 and 30000

            Annual maximum limit for dogs

            enter value/s in increments of i between 5000 and 30000

            Maximum age for new cover

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            The insurer won't sell a new policy for animals older than this.

              Minimum age for new cover

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              The insurer won't cover animals younger than this.

                Included in this comparison

                Members-only access
                • Policy type
                • Minimum age for new cover
                • Maximum age for new cover
                • Maximum benefit per year
                • Excess
                • Benefit paid per claim
                • Routine care
                • Pre-existing conditions
                • Vet consults
                • Emergency treatment
                • Hereditary conditions
                • Paralysis tick treatment
                • Cruciate ligament damage
                • Skin conditions
                • Motor vehicle injury
                • Swallowing foreign objects
                • Burns
                • Electrocution
                • Snakebite
                • Allergic reaction
                • Bone fracture
                • Dysplasia
                • Parasite
                • Euthanasia
                • Loss theft and straying
                • Alternative therapies
                • Legal liability


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