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Pet insurance comparison

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Last updated: 07 April 2020


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We've compared 86 pet insurance policies. Pet insurance can have many restrictions but might be useful in some scenarios. Here's how to compare pet insurance policies:

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We've compared pet insurance policies offered by Bupa, Petplan, RSPCA, RACQ and more. Policies range from basic accident-only cover to comprehensive policies offering cover for accident, illness and preventative healthcare.

Unlike the for-profit comparison websites, we don't get paid by any of the insurers we're comparing.

Our comparison report will help you:

  • decide which insurance is right for you and your pet
  • check how much of the vet bill an insurer will pay
  • check what excess payment options each policy has
  • check which policies have the highest annual benefits and biggest range of features

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    There are four types of cover:

    Accident cover: for example for broken bones, spider and snake bites. 

    Special events: accidental injuries and some major illnesses.

    Illness only: cancer and other illnesses.

    Accident and illness Most comprehensive includes accidental injuries, cancer and other illnesses.  

      Cat price comparison

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      The fewer the $ signs, the cheaper the policy premium based on the quotes we collected.

        Dog price comparison

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        The fewer the $ signs, the cheaper the policy premium based on the quotes we collected.

          Included in this comparison

          Members-only access
          • brand
          • Policy
          • Policy type
          • Covered
          • Dog price comparison
          • Cat price comparison
          • Comments
          • Minimum age to get cover
          • Maximum age for new cover
          • Lower benefit for older pets
          • Excess options
          • Benefit percentage paid
          • Dogs annual maximum
          • Cats annual maximum
          • Pre-exist conditions
          • Hereditary conditions
          • Chronic conditions
          • Bilateral condition
          • Can insurer reject renewal
          • Limit for vet consultations
          • Tick paralysis covered
          • Limit for tick
          • Limit for cruciate ligament
          • Limit for skin conditions
          • Limit for alternative therapies
          • Liability cover
          • Theft cover
          • Vehicle accident covered
          • Swallow covered
          • Limit on recurring swallowing
          • Burns covered
          • Electrocution covered
          • Snake bites covered
          • Allergies covered
          • Broken bones covered
          • Luxations covered
          • Parasites covered
          • Routine care covered
          • Euthanasia vet fees covered
          • Euthanasia pet value covered
          • underwriter
          • phone
          • website


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