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Pet insurance comparison

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Last updated: 23 February 2022


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Pet insurance can have many restrictions but might be useful in some scenarios. We've looked at more than 80 policies so you can work out whether pet insurance is right for you and your furry little companion.

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We've compared pet insurance policies offered by Bupa, Medibank, Petcover, RSPCA, RACQ and more. Policies range from basic accident-only cover to comprehensive policies offering cover for accident, illness and preventative health care.

Unlike the for-profit comparison websites, we don't get paid by any of the insurers we're comparing.

Our pet insurance comparison will help you:

  • decide which insurance is right for you and your pet
  • check how much of the vet bill an insurer will pay
  • check what excess payment options each policy has
  • check which policies have the highest annual benefits and the biggest range of features.

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      Accident cover is for things like broken bones, spider and snake bites; Extended accidental injury covers accidents and some specified illnesses; special events refers to accidental injuries and some major illnesses; illness only/indoor cat refers to cancer and other illnesses; and accident and illness is the most comprehensive and includes accidental injuries, cancer and other illnesses.  

        Included in this comparison

        Members-only access
        • Policy type
        • Comments
        • Minimum age to get cover
        • Maximum age for new cover
        • Lower benefit for older pets
        • Excess options
        • Benefit percentage paid
        • Dogs annual maximum
        • Cats annual maximum
        • Pre-exist conditions
        • Hereditary conditions
        • Chronic conditions
        • Limit for vet consultations
        • Emergency consults covered
        • Limit for emergency consults
        • Tick paralysis covered
        • Limit for tick
        • Limit for cruciate ligament
        • Limit for skin conditions
        • Limit for alternative therapies
        • Liability cover
        • Theft cover
        • Vehicle accident covered
        • Swallow covered
        • Limit on recurring swallowing
        • Burns covered
        • Electrocution covered
        • Snake bites covered
        • Allergies covered
        • Broken bones covered
        • Luxations covered
        • Parasites covered
        • Vaccination illness covered
        • Routine care covered
        • Euthanasia vet fees covered
        • Euthanasia pet value covered


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